Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hallelujah, it's Raining M..............Well it's Raining

From the excessively jubilant tone of this piece you might be tempted to think I liked or even loved rain.

Not so.  Anyone who read my "Raindrops keep falling on my head" blog on 18th  March will know better.
Incidentally the 18th of March was the last time we had any rain worthy of the name, so last night's and this mornings deluge are long  overdue.

For the gardeners among us, particularly those with an environmental conscience, drought is a serious crisis of that conscience,  To use a hose, or not to that is the question.  Whether to suffer the loss of precious plants and shrubs or to ditch the conscience and water everything copiously.

But plantsmanship is above this politically correct sway, it is enthroned in the hearts of gardeners.  It is an attribute to God himself.

So far it looks as though I have lost one or two of my more treasured 'friends'.  Chief of which is a lovely
Grevillea which I was assured I would never be able to grow in this exposed and fairly chilly area.
That was twelve years ago and its amazing bright red bottle brush like blooms have lit my winter and early spring front garden every year, that is, until this one, when the severe and lengthy winter gave way to drought.
It is now a sad shade of brown - in fact it looks rusty - and there is no sign of green at a casual glance.

I shall of course have a closer look when the rain allows.  Did I mention I hate getting wet? and if it can be saved it will not be for want of trying.

Earlier, my beautifull tree peony put out three fabulous tea-plate sized blooms, only for them to shrivel and dry within 24 hours.  Really, is it any wonder we in this country are famous/notorious for endlessly discussing the weather?

As I speak, sorry write, the sun is already appearing at the edge of the blue/black sky so I guess we've had all we're getting for now.

Oh well, let's be gratefull for small mercies.


  1. yep we've had rain toooooo and all the weeds in my garden are rejoicing!! :)) Judyx

  2. Not much rain yet here in the far north, Ray, but we live in hopes. The farmers need some, that's for sure, or the hay and silage crops will be very poor. Sorry about your precious plants, but full of admiration that you actually know their names....:-)

  3. Glad to hear that at least some rain has come. This post and your last one are strong reminders that "nature" still holds the power of life and death that we are sometimes helpless in the face of that power. Our recent wave of tornadoes in the American South have been our latest reminder.

  4. Judy and Perpetua
    Yes nice to get even a little rain but we need much more to make any real difference.
    Glad you've had some Judy, hope you do soon Perpetua. Oh and as to the names of plants that is a fast-fading party trick. Anno Domini makes its presence felt on a daily basis.

    Yes the force of nature is indeed something to be reckoned with. I guess a timely reminder that we don't have all, or even half the answers.
    Your area has been particularly unfortunate. Let's hope the 'visitors' will depart, having left their message.

  5. The rain is indeed good for the garden, even if not ideal for hanging the washing out, walking the dog, or enjoying summery clothes.
    In paradise it will rain at night and be sunny most of the day ( I do like the occasional thunder storm though, just to be difficult!)

  6. Having spent an hour after the rain trying to gouge out weeds from between the front garden paved area, while they clung on to the sides of their ravines with all their might. I now have broken finger nails, split thumbs, and aching muscles in places I didn't even know i had, I feel I am earning my place. What else do I need for a space in your paradise, I like the sound of it.?