Friday, 20 May 2011


It is a regrettable fact that as we age we have less energy, less physical strength, less 'get up and go' than earlier in our lives.  This is an incontrovertible fact, but one which most of us try to deny, or at least ignore, for as long as possible.

Personally, I never admit a physical task is beyond my current abilities until it becomes self-evident.

This was brought home to me again this morning.  That's twice this week - first of all brass cleaning in church - and secondly today, attempting to cut down my poor dead Grevillea.  Oh what a mammoth task (which is of course, why I've put it off for so long) this has proved to be.

This once beautifull and comparatively rare shrub was my pride and joy, until this Winter's spitefull and relentless cold, followed by weeks of drought turned its green spines to a murky, rusty looking brown.

I waited in vain for enough rain to rescue it, and watered the one little green bit near the base for a week or two and finally had to admit defeat.  This being a day when I normally take it easy until evening's choir practice, seemed as good a time as any to tackle it.

An hour and a half later, back aching, thumbs and wrists painfull (I have arthritis in my hands), and with only about half of it cut down I had to stop.  I haven't even attempted to gather up the evil spines and bag them up for collection, so they are sitting in  the front garden like an early offering for fifth of November, and there they will remain until the next rush of energy arrives.

What is left to be cut is rather more like a miniature forest than the lower branches of a shrub so it is possible I may have to call on someone else to do the cutting.

Oh how I hate being beaten, but even my mostly abundant energy is flagging and I am reluctantly being forced to recognize that I am no longer 30 (or 40, or50 etc).  Galling but inescapeable.

Another step down the slippery slope or maybe just a blip.  Time will tell!


  1. Had to look up grevillea - no wonder you are sorry to lose it.
    Hope you will feel better after a rest and perhaps a soak in the tub. I also really hate feeling physically unable to do what I used to do!

  2. oh bless you!! I admire your determination just because you haven't finished the task today doesn't mean that you have been defeated :) tomorrow is always another day, take care, Judyxy

  3. Penny
    Glad you were able to look up details of grevillea, most of our gardening books don't even mention it.
    I have to admit I'm still hoping it may manage to regenerate from the root. We'll see.
    As for the aches and pains, I'm really pretty fit so they are gone overnight and I'm just about to sally forth and attack the monster again!

  4. Judy
    I am taking your advice (literally) and am just about to have another go.
    Wish me luck. (That's if I don't get Raptured of course!

  5. Well done, Ray! The main thing is that you DID tackle it, even if in stages and didn't just get someone else to do it straight away. So sorry it was necessary though, as we get very fond of our favourite plants.

  6. I didn't get it all I'm afraid. there are still lots of branches/trunks which I'm physically incapable of sawing through. Time for an appeal to a neighbour methinks!