Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Last Butterfly - Swansong

Today is warm sunny and beautiful as only a rare few October days can be.  Attempting to save the shreds of  my once-lovely garden from brambles, elder, and other unwelcome invaders (I have the national collection of weeds)!, I saw not one or two, but six red admiral butterflies on what remains of the yellow blooms of my buddlea.

It is not the first time I've noticed that the imminent approach of Winter offers a final glimpse of  the best-loved visitors of Summer.

Do they know I wonder, that their days are numbered?  Is it a last peacock-like show of glorious colour before the inevitable happens?

Beauty, whether in nature or in human form is a transient, fleeting thing and those few people lucky enough to be blessed with it, are no more able to hang on to it than is any other living creature.  So how should we respond to it?

My own attitude is to accord it admiration, respect for its uniqueness, but no more than that, since, sadly we are all as we are and only God has the ability to turn an "ugly duckling" into a swan.  Therefore, make the most of what we have, enjoy each other's special attributes and as we age, try to avoid mirrors!


  1. I found the title alarming as I thought, initially, that it was "your swansong" and the end of your blogging - don't give up; you are a very eloquent writer. Re your blog - someone could be not so "beautiful" on the outside (although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, thank God!)but completely beautiful on the inside which I think is so much more important. But what do I know??

  2. Thanks for the comment. Fear not, I don't give up that easily, there will be many (all too many) more examples of my "eloquence".

    As for beauty, yes I agree people are often more beautiful inside than out but it takes time to discover that. A quick glance is all it takes to be dazzled by external beauty.

    I think what I meant to imply was that external
    appeal is fleeting. Hope that makes sense.