Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Insomnia 111

Yet again faced with the dubious blessing of a sleepless night, having somehow lost the ability to relax, it seemed pointless to lie with a whirling mind and restless limbs with the keyboard beckoning.

The rain lashing at the windows and early (very early) traffic on the distant A41, are the only sounds.  Somehow having the world to myself is not as thrilling a prospect as it might seem.

Strange isn't it how one's perception of peace shifts according to the quality of  what is on offer.  My own company used to be quite adequate when it was seldom available, whereas now that it is all there is, almost any alternative appears preferable!

Perhaps it is just part of the human condition to always want what is not 'on the menu' and to despise what is.

I wonder if maybe I could start an insomniac's nocturnal dialogue club and if I did, would my lonely night-time cyber conversations start a trend, or would it lure all the creepiest night-owls out from their hiding places blinking at the unaccustomed intrusion into their dark surroundings.

Where on earth did that come from?  The lack of sleep (three night's in a row) is clearly beginning to leave its mark on my fragile psyche.  Time to stop before they come to get me.....

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