Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Forty Years On

 Sorry about the lay-out Google has changed access to everything.

Yesterday was my eldest brother's funeral some of which I was able to access by zoom.  Not in any way perfect but better than nothing.   
Yesterday was also the 11th anniversary of my husband's funeral, so it was yet another August coincidence. 

Today is the 40th anniversary of the day we moved here into this house, our first and only 'owned' home.

The 28th August was not only my parent's wedding anniversary but also the day John and I met for the first time, having previously only had telephone contact.

The next day, 29th August was John's birthday.

Just to add piquancy to the list John died on the 11th August (and so by an even more bizarre  chance so did his son) two weeks ago.

My mother's birthday was on the 12th August, a fact on which my father always commented "the beginning of grouse shooting".

So one way and another this 4oth Anniversary is over-full of things to remember. Good and bad.

I'm sure the next 40 years will also be packed with odd facts and councidences but not mine of course. 


  1. Anniversaries! So many memories as we get older and too many of them sad or at least poignant. It's that difficult time for me from our wedding anniversary in July, then Kev's birthday, then the anniversary of his death, the funeral and it doesn't come to an end until my birthday -which was two days after his funeral and so I still find it filled with associations :(
    How are you generally?

    1. Hi Sue
      You're so right about the memories, but at least we still have good periods to look back on before our worlds changed.
      Generally I am still doing pretty well, the Parkinsons is well under control and life is still pretty good despite no music or social life to speak of.
      I hope you are having a reasonably easy time compared with the last couple of years.
      Things will get better eventually.