Saturday, 12 September 2020

A Little Night Musing

Once again I find myself sleepless and with nothing much on my mind of any interest to anyone, so of course I felt bound to share it with the rest of the world.

The photograph above of the view from St Mary's south door down to the gate is, I think , a particularly atmospheric one.

It has an almost Dickensian feel and I loved it so much that I stole it from our newsletter.  I don't know who took it but they obviously have a sense of drama almost as well developed as mine.

A more compelling reason for using it is to remind me that it is nearly six months since I last set foot in St M's.

Although I greatly value the zoomed service on Sunday, it is a very poor substitute for actually being there, ensconced with the rest of the choir in the chancel and able to sing and take part whole-heartedly.

They have started to hold services again, but with only a very few (30) in the congregation and of course with no 'live' choir, and I can't help wondering if and when that will be replaced with the real thing.

Some people who can get to the church on foot cannot understand why I and many others are not even contemplating getting there by public transport (if any), or by taxi, but so far I haven't dared to risk  any such means.

The virus, I fear, will be with us for a very long time and I'm trying very hard not to feel cheated of my one real pleasure.

Real life these days for me and many thousands like me is a poor imitation of our previous one.

At present I go shopping with a neighbour and that is it.  Once a week and no other jaunts.  Sometimes it feels like a bad dream, but this is apparently the way life has to be lived for the forseeable future.

I apologise if this is a miserable epistle but sadly that's how I feel at present.  My sense of humour appears to have packed its bags and departed.  Can't say I blame it.


  1. I have been out perhaps twenty-five times from March to August and now I am back at work mixing with 150 other people. Unsettling. [This didn't happen during the SARS breakout or the Ebola crisis.]

  2. True, but this is a very different beast. It has the ability to wipe out most of the human race if it isn't stopped. Let's hope and pray the world's top scientists will triumph.

  3. Apparently Llandudno was full of coach loads of Pensioners last week. Hard to imagine so many throwing caution to the wind.

  4. There's no accounting for some people's lack of common sense
    No wonder we are in such a state,it seems some people can only learn from direct experience.

  5. True and the amount of COVID deniers I’m hearing about is astonishing. I’ve just been reading the comments on a blog by ‘ meanqueen Life after money’ I just can’t fathom out why they think the way they do.