Sunday, 10 December 2017

Not dreaming of a white Christmas

Feeling guilty about still being unable to sing I had half made up my mind yesterday to go to St. M's this morning and at least be at the service.

Waking at my usual time of 6.15am I was surprised by how very dark the bedroom was.

Letting up the blind I was staggered to find a thick heavy white blanket of snow on everything and a very dark sky.

Putting food out for the birds while I waited for the kettle to boil my feet (in slippers) were covered in snow about 2 inches thick  and it was snowing hard.

Every time I looked out over the next couple of hours the snow was heavier and thicker than before so with some relief I decided to stay put.

A neighbour from the top of the close cleared my drive mid-morning and I didn't even discover it until mid-day.  Just sheer hard labour and a silent departure.  It took me some time to track down by phone who the on-duty angel had been.

By 3.00pm it had stopped snowing but had managed to break off two huge branches of my yellow Buddliea .  I had to keep throwing stuff out for the birds (anything I could think of) as I couldn't get to the shed for bird-seed.

My computer was out of action all day and the TV kept going blank.  This is only early December,,
it doesn't bode well for the coming Winter.

I'm aware that many parts of the country habitually have far worse weather than we do but when we do get heavy snowfall it tends to cause serious problems in this over-populated neck of the woods.

Let's hope this was just a rem inder of what we once used to see every Winter and not a warning of what to expect.

Not looking forward to trying to get to St M's tomorrow but we'll see.


  1. Stay warm and safe Ray....only go out if you are sure the snow has been cleared...a fall or even just a slip would be a catastrophe! Praying !

  2. Well I did make it to church this morning. Quite a careful trudge to the bus-stop and an even more careful climb up the cobbled hill to the church, but worth the effort.
    Job done, shopped for food supplies after then taxi home.
    Mission accomplished. Mercifully I no longer work on Tuesdays - the forecast for this area tomorrow is horrendous.
    A lot of the snow has melted but a hard frost tonight will provide sheets of ice for tomorrow.
    You too stay safe, Blessings.

  3. Dear Dreaming, I so wish we'd get some snow. Maybe not the amount you just got, but something to make the world look like winter has arrived. Here in Missouri we used to get a real winter, but climate change has brought us simply an extension of fall throughout the entire season we used to call winter. I miss the snow. The last time we had it, several years ago, a neighbor shoveled for me. We are so fortunate that angels watch over us. Peace.

    1. I hope you get your wish and if you don't, you can have my share of snow for the rest of my life.
      Even when I was a child I hated it - we had real winters then - and now it makes life so hard to just get around and do everyday things so no, I am not a fan.