Thursday, 26 May 2016

They're Back

Planet Arachnia is sending out missionaries again.

I suppose 'they' could have been lurking here in dark corners for a while but I suspect this is a new team sent to raise hair on necks.

A couple of days ago reaching for the hand towel in the kitchen I just managed in time to spot a large thick-legged member of the species squatting in all its ghastly leggy blackness waiting for my unsuspecting fingers, with an evil glint in its eye.

Opening the back door I shook the towel out into the garden and saw it scuttle off at speed.

The usual feeling of panic subsided slowly and I gradually lowered my guard and began to move around the house more naturally again.

Then last evening/night I was about to go to bed when I saw a suspicious movement against the skirting board of the office.

Reaching for the waste-paper bin I grabbed my long-handled feather duster and advanced on the enemy which suddenly shot behind the bookcase.  With a "damn you stay there" I poked at the edge of the bookcase, to no avail.

It appears to have vanished - but - I know better.    It is just waiting for me to drop my guard again and out it will come

What instinct is it that prompts these horrible creatures to choose the worst possible moment to 'drop' in?  How do they know we are just relaxing and ready for bed, or settling comfortably to read and how much does it amuse them to know the fear and agitation they  cause in cowardly hearts like mine?

This is only the beginning of the season.   HELP.


  1. Oh Ray you have my deepest sympathies! I too have a horror of anything with eight legs! The fact that they are fairly harmless doesn't help it just makes our groundless fear wimpish....but I am with you all the way... arachnophobs of the world unite! Arghhhhh

  2. The trouble is Jean they have a 'web' of contacts and every time someone is foolish enough to show their fear, they are added to the visiting list.
    It is currently very warm here and it is necessary to have windows open. Not looking forward to bed-time.

  3. Me too - I am not a fan. I can just about use the insect sucker to suck them into then pop them outside, but that is no use for the whoppers you are talking about. You have my sympathies.
    PS - the big ones remind me of mice running round the room.......... shivers! Blessings from Dalamory.

  4. Ugh Freda, mice? Spiders is nasty, mices is nastier.
    Blessings to you also.

  5. But seriously Ray!!
    Having two very squeemish girls in the house and a terrified husband, I have learned a few things about these archnohooligans roaming the house . One: They actually can't see you! You are, sorry there, too big. They enjoy a cosy piece of cloth, be that a blanket, a showertowel or the inside of my bed....since the dog died they are the only ones lurking under the covers unprotected.
    They also enjoy tranquillity, so you should really get along well.
    My fatherinlaw prefers a certain kind of scotch. In their cellar they had a room for such things, the thickest and most covering nets were around that bottle he never used. Whether the spiders were hoping for a sip I can't tell.
    I speak to ours, the cellar is filled with a kind we call hunters because they are fast and large. So I have conversations with them, catching them in the glasstins we have in every corner and throwing them out telling them that the neighbours house is more quiet. But, as Freda says, mice would be worse, right??? Especially if they were equal in numbers. And the spiders eat the creatures that feeds on your clothing. But I'm not saying I like them, The Good Lord probably had a VERY creative day.
    I will pray for their resignation but more likely I should pray for a lovely new friendship building up, they won't move, try to ignore them or use smalltalk!

  6. Not a chance Fairtrader.
    The thought that they can't see me makes them a million times more frightening.
    As it stands, we have a truce (of sorts). They accept that if they are unwise enough to show themselves they are about to receive their first flying lessons.
    My long (very long) handled dust buster is used to flick them out of the nearest window or door.
    I repeat. I do not kill them, wish them no harm, just wish them elsewhere/

    1. Wisely said, Ray! I'm sure they'll get the message eventually.

  7. My daughter hates spiders too. I have seen special spider traps on the internet but haven't actually bought one yet. After reading your post I think it will because it makes the job easier.

  8. There is also a product on the market in spray form which claims to send spiders running for the hills.
    Apparently sprayed around doorways and windows which open it will stop them in their tracks - the main ingredient is chestnut oil which they are said to hate.
    I have some but keep forgetting to use it.
    Will do better:-)

    1. I am going to look for that product. I also need to get something that will stop slugs crawling over the front door. I can't stand it. Any advice Ray?

    2. I've only just spotted this comment Jayne. I don't know whether it works but have been told that using a vinegar or lemon and water wash over the door will deter them.
      As I said I haven't tried it myself but might be worth a go.

  9. Well, since we have a working commitment with the spiders I hope we can make it a useful one, because we are invaded by ants(not aunts that is) but those irritating, allovertheplacecreatures. Same thing every summer and we tried everything from cinnamon on the doorstep to skullmarked little bottles and anthouses. Chestnut oil?? What if they love it! Last year they totally devoured our small cherrytree... Please Ray, try the chestnut oil, it would be great to hear if it works!!!

  10. I have just evicted a large spider from my bedroom, hopefully the one which I 'mislaid' the other night.
    I will use the chestnut oil, but have no idea how many of the beasts are already in the house.