Thursday, 17 March 2016

Miserable Petty Post-Birthday Moan

Yesterday I hit the unbelievable age of 81.

No, I know there is nothing remarkable about that, but it doesn't feel real to me.  Yet.

Never having made much of a fuss about birthdays per se, I was amazed and a bit overwhelmed by the huge celebration my dear neighbours made of my 80th.

I hope I managed to show how pleased and happy I was last year but also hope I made it fairly plain that a repeat would not be so welcome.

Having said that, I love receiving cards whether birthday or Christmas cards and really value the time and effort people make to choose something appealing.  So, this in mind I was a little perturbed when no cards arrived early (usually oneor two come a day or so early) and then went off to work at St. M's knowing that the postman would not arrive on the day itself until mid afternoon.

I had a card and a planted terra cota pot  of violet and white Polyanthus from my friend the Parish Administrator, and a beautiful bouquet of pink and white lilies and roses from a neighbour.  The postman came and I picked up a pile of catalogues, advertising and charity appeals from the mat.
Not one single card and to  make matters worse today's post has just been delivered unusually early and again not a card to be seen.

In the scheme of things this is totally unimportant I know, but neither my family nor John's appear to have remembered the day.

One brother did ring yesterday and when I said a bit forlornly that no-one seemed to have sent me a card this year he said he had posted one to me a week ago.

So now I'm not just feeling neglected but actually mad at the thought that somewhere there is a compulsive card pincher sitting on a pile of cards addressed to me.............Or maybe not.


  1. Belated birthday greetings, Ray! What a disappointment not to get your cards. I hope a big pile of them arrives today!

  2. Sadly, no mail today Penny.
    Reading my post I now feel silly, perhaps even at this late stage in life it is not too late to learn that not every tantrum should be indulged (especially not in blog form. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  3. Happy birthday Ray....a bit late but the thoughts there! As we get older somethings assume greater importance. I felt much the same last year for much the same reason.... I like your kitty....very expressive!

  4. Never too late for good wishes Jean thanks. Glad you like the mog he looks the way I feel.

  5. Very welcome nevertheless. Thanks Greenpatches.

  6. Even more belated birthday wishes, Ray. I can understand your disappointment. We all like to be remembered on our special day.

  7. Thanks Perpetua, I did get a couple of very late ones, so in the end it wasn't too bad.