Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Dragons Leeks and Daffodils - It Must Be St David's Day

Two of my dragons, on the left Ivan Llewellyn Pendragon and on the right Rhodri.

I know I have shown them before but they deserve another airing, and what better day than St David's Day.

Had I the skill to draw what my imagination sees you would have a dragon with a bunch of leeks in one hand/claw and a daffodil between his teeth.  Sadly, it must remain just an idea.

Why is it that this day brings out all my latent frivolous Welshness (is there such a word?  there is now).

Born in Wales of Welsh parents, and having been briefly evacuated - for six months only - back to Wales from Birmingham, I have never since then actually lived there, but somewhere under the ancient layers of Britishness beats a Celtic heart.

Manifesting itself only on such occasions as the televised "Six nations rugby" when a sudden yell of "come on Wales, get on with it" followed by a groan or a roar might be heard echoing round the Close, it is not a part of my everyday life.

The fact that I sing is perhaps a symptom of Welshness, since all the Welsh sing.

That is not the same thing as saying all the Welsh Can sing.  Just that singing is second nature to those afflicted by the bug.

All my family and most of the aunts and uncles could and did sing so maybe it's something in the water.

Suffice to say that after a week of very cold dry weather, the saint has ushered in the new month with gales and rain so we are under no illusions about the advent of March.

Happy (belated) St David's Day to all
keep dry:-)


  1. Something else we have in common stay on the Gower was all too brief as a girl but my Welsh grandparents kept the Celtic spirit alive! I celebrated by singing Land of my Fathers very loudly as the mood took me!

  2. ..........and you're still alive to tell the tale. Amazing. :-)

  3. I'm a Lancastrian born and bred, but after over 40 years here I do think of Wales as my adoptive home. I've always sung too and living in Wales encourages this. :)

  4. Good. Nice to know that a country can have a good influence.