Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Let it Rain

This in case anyone has lost sight of the fact, is April.

So, where are the April showers?

Yes I do know that as soon as it starts to rain I along with half the population will be begging it to stop, but oh it is so dry.

Yesterday at 6.15 am out in the garden putting my morning bird-table and ground bird seed 'breakfast' out.  I nearly stepped on a dead starling.

How it was killed I don't know but it was very flat and was a very young bird, obviously too young to have learnt caution.

Taking a spade from the garage I started to dig a hole for the burial.  The ground was like concrete and all I could do was hack out a rough space lift the unfortunate little corpse into it and cover it with the solid block of rock-hard soil.

At lunch-time on my return from St. M's I filled a watering can with water adding some Jeyes fluid and soaked the area to seal it  from predators and to help disinfect the area.

Looking at my rapidly browning daffodils and Hellebores I realised that if it doesn't rain soon all the new growth will  be straw and of course the rampant weeds will resist all attempts to pull them up.

Once, back in the mists of antiquity I loved gardening.  Now the combination of dry Springs, hard clay soil and my own ancient body make it an almost impossible chore.

It wouldn't be so bad if the drought was accompanied by warm sunshine, but though there is some warmth in sheltered places, the evil strong East and Northerly winds cancel out the benefits while drying the earth out even more.

Every time we get a weather forecast which promises rain, the clouds gather overhead then thumb their noses at us as they sail by on their way elsewhere.

This Friday they are again promising rain.  I'm not holding my breath.


  1. Need rain here as well although there is a possibility we could get some from the terrible storms that have his New South Wales.

    We don't want that much though.

    Ihope you get some gentle spring showers soon.

  2. Thank Susan, I know your area of the world is much more in need of rain than ours. Let's hope we both get what we need.
    Gentle is the operative word here I think.

  3. We need rain too Ray....I've actually been out with my watering can this week....but no doubt once it starts we will be wishing it gone again!

  4. Have just done about half an hour's gardening. (not weeding) and am appalled at the hardness of the soil. Roll on Friday (I think).

  5. Up here in the far north the rain has arrived, but my sister back in Wales says it's still bright and sunny there. I can't help wondering what state our Welsh garden will be in when we get back in a fortnight's time. II do hope your rain materialises.

    1. Well at least rain in Wales is a more reliable visitor than here.
      Hopefully you will find everything nicely watered and blooming well on your return.
      Friday does look fairly hopeful but 'they' have now moved its prospective arrival to evening.
      We'll see.