Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Balance - perspective - joy - sorrow and survival

First thing this morning I saw the appeal on BBC TV by the DEC for the Nepal tragedy.

I phoned my donation through early so I could turn off the TV and think of something else.

All the way in to St. M's I found my mind turning to the dreadful pictures and stories that are unfolding in this latest and most dreadful of natural catastrophies.

This was my SPACE duty morning, always very busy, sometimes fun, more often challenging I was glad to be occupied and in a manner which had some merit.

Later someone told me they had had a pet cat put down yesterday, once more dropping the mood down to zero.

Returning home this afternoon my neighbour's son came round to let me know he has passed his driving test.  Full of high spirits he lifted the feel of the day back onto a happier level.

Watching the 6.00 pm news this evening more details were becoming known of the extent of the Nepal disaster  and knowing there was nothing I could do I once more turned the TV off.

At 8.oopm I settled to watch my long-time favourite Holby City.  A good storyline with some ups and some downs, my spirits rose to dizzying heights when the end of the programme saw the return of my hero - Heinrich Hanson.

My cup runneth over.


What absolute nonsense.  How can a mere TV programme cancel out the misery of the events in the real world?

Well of course they can't, do not really do so, but what they do manage  is to restore the balance in a day filled with highs and lows.

When people use the very over worked expression "a roller-coaster ride", this is, I think, what they mean.

Without the redeeming factor of light-hearted trivia we would all sink into the depths of depression if we allowed bad news to take over our lives.

Finding the balance is tricky and is difficult to  sustain at times but is the key to survival. We are of  no use to other people if we are not able to retain our own stability.

Anyhow, to end this wandering reflection, may God bless and help and inspire us to try to help the poor victims in Nepal.

Oh, and God bless Heinrich Hanson. :-)


  1. Which one is Heinrich Hanson? I am only just picking up this particular TV.....

  2. If you saw last night's episode Jean, he had just reappeared after a year's absence at the very end of the story.
    No doubt future weeks will see him back in his former splendid form.

    1. I have yet to watch it...but I shall keep an eagle eye open now !

    2. Sorry Jean. Should have been Henrik not Heinrich, he is Swedish not German

  3. I stopped watching Holby City years ago, so Henrik Hansen is unknown to me. :-) I know what you mean about the ups and downs of daily life. Even without TV images to bring it home, something as terrible as the earthquake in Nepal must affect anyone with an ounce of compassion. I'm glad you have Holby City to bring some light relief.

  4. TV for me is a curse and a blessing. Without it my solitary state would be screamingly apparent and once at home for the day I pick and choose. Working in the house (and very occasionally ) in the garden, I finish one job and flop into a chair and am taken away from real life in seconds.
    If I watched only informative programmes news etc. I don't think I'd last a week.
    Terrible world events which we cannot influence in any way can play havoc with a melancholy mind.
    I will be eternally grateful to Yogi Bear or whoever it was who invented TV. :-)