Thursday, 3 April 2014

Girls' Night In

This morning avoiding the Sahara dust laden atmosphere outside I am trying to clear my slightly muzzy head in order to do some paper work.

This has been a busy week culminating in the equivalent of a girls' (I use the word tongue in cheek)night out - namely, a girls' night in.

Five of us trooped next door at around 7.00 pm yesterday for a 'short' get-together.  Luckily for me, my return home at about 11.00pm was a matter of yards rather than the hundred metres some of the others had to manage.

We had not enjoyed each others' company for about 6 months so there was a lot (and I mean a lot) of catching up to do.

One of our number is currently having a bit of a crisis so we spent a while (a few hours) listening and offering opinions and occasionally advice, and refuelling ourselves with the odd glass.

The alcohol flowed, the food was eaten almost by default and the decibel level  increased minute by minute.

We each had something/s to say and we said it, had matters of great importance to discuss and we discussed them, had arguments for and against other's opinions and expressed them.

And the volume grew.

Some of the time we were serious and concerned, some of the time we were lighter-hearted and noiser, most of the time we yelled, roared with laughter and the roof trembled.

Occasionally we remembered that our hostess had two teenagers upstairs in bed.  Most of the time we didn't.

We have been friends and neighbours for a good many years now and are easy and comfortable in each other's company, so these fairly rare events are enormously enjoyed by all of us.

I don't know how much the other reprobates drank.  I wasn't counting, but I put away about two thirds of a bottle of shiraz and apart from an inclination to walk in circles this morning am perfectly fine.

The birds were fed at 6.15 as usual and the visiting mog likewise,  OK I did put cranberry juice on my cereals and milk in the juice glass, but hey anyone can be a bit absent minded.

When I caught myself trying to put furniture polish down the loo instead of bleach, I carefully put them both down and headed for the lap-top instead.

A lovely evening followed by a slightly unusual morning.

Ain't life wonderful?


  1. It was. My lovely neighbours are a greatly valued part of my life.

  2. Sounds great to me....just what was needed after a hard winter...I'm all in favour of the occasional girls night out!

  3. I must say I enjoy female company in particular, if the mix is a good one. Though male/female offers a different atmosphere.
    It's just that in all female circles it is possible to let one's hair down without having to be afraid of nuances being misunderstood.

  4. There is just nothing like the company of other women in the right setting, Ray. Your girls' night in sounds wonderful and it's for the same kind of reasons that I so enjoy our knit and natter meetings.

  5. The only point where we might differ Perpetua is the 'knit' part. One of the things i so enjoy about our meetings/parties/get-togethers, is the absolute absence of anything which might be deemed 'work'.
    It's all about 'natter'. (Something at which I excel).

  6. A ladies night is always an enjoyable one. I laughed at some of your descriptions. It sounds like it was great fun.

  7. It was. I only drink when I'm at a party so it tends to be about three times a year. (That's not to say however, that I don't make up for lost time given the chance).
    To be honest it isn't really a question of quantity, more the mix of chat and friendship with the wine adding extra relaxation. Quite good therapy.

  8. Sounds like you all had a good time putting the world to rights.
    Blessings from Dalamory

  9. Yes we did.The only thing is the world doesn't seem to have noticed.
    Strange isn't it?

  10. This post made me laugh Ray. Sounds like a perfect night & you handled the morning better than I would have I am sure!

  11. I've only just caught up with your comment Shona. Re-reading my old blogs. How sad is that?
    There have been a couple more get-togethers with the 'close' since that one, and equally enjoyable.