Sunday, 20 April 2014

Another wonderful Easter

At the risk of sounding like my bete noir Pollyanna, I have had a truly happy Easter.

I am so  glad I was baptised and confirmed four years ago.  So glad my 'mother church' was St. Mary the Virgin.  So very very glad I found the remnants of a singing voice and joined the choir.

Since I work (attend) at St M's Mon Tues and Wed mornings, and since this week we had Maundy Thursday, Good Friday (fabulous day) and Saturday's Bishop's confirmations, baptisms, Pascal candle etc, and today the Easter Day service, I have been for a part of every day at St. M's,

From being my spiritual home it is rapidly becoming my physical home too.

There has been an immense amount of singing, and many hours of listening to sermons, readings etc. altogether extremely tiring for one of my advanced years, but hugely enjoyable too.

We have of course had the odd blip, but always smoothly glossed over and seamlessly woven into the fabric of the day.

During Saturday's very long service one or two older members of the congregation were becoming glassy-eyed and when I remarked (sotto voce) to my neighbouring chorister that the very long reading (Genesis) was taking longer than the actual Creation, her response was not the wry smile I had expected but convulsions enough to capsize the choir.

A sense of humour while useful at times, needs to be tempered with a sense of proportion. Note to self.

Each day's service has been better than the previous one, and everyone who attended in any capacity has remarked on what a very happy Easter it has been.

Now all that remains is to carry that feeling into the next year.

Easter blessings to one and all.


  1. How wonderful for you, Ray. I'm glad you found it all so fulfilling, if tiring. Now relax and enjoy the sense of achievement. :-) Incidentally, is your parish still in a vacancy or have you had a new incumbent and I've missed the news?

  2. "The mills of God" are taking their good time and we have not yet even
    advertised the post. I gather it will be made public in the coming week.
    After that, who knows.
    The odd thing is that this interregnum has knit the community together so firmly that we are finding new strengths daily.
    Obviously when we have someone ate the helm to pull all this energy together we will be even better. (I firmly believe).

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  4. I am so glad you had such a good experience.....singing in a choir is very cathartic especially on one of the great festivals...well done Ray!

  5. Thanks Jean it really was a good experience. Oddly enough it's my legs which have felt most of the strain, not my voice.
    Anno Domini I suppose.

  6. It was such an immense joy and privilege to be part of your journey. You have also done much to remind me of why I am a Chistian, such things that can often be silted over by time and 'the job'! I miss St.Ms very much too, for it was a place where the Triduum unfolded in the most wonderful and meaningful way. Have a joyous Easter and find a little rest during the Octave! Dx

  7. The privilege was all mine David. Without your input the journey would never have begun.
    Easter blessings to you Jo and the girls.X

  8. It's lovely to read about your Easter journey. As I am visiting my elderly mother this Eastertide I have not been able to participate in the activities of my parish church, which sound very similar to yours. Thankfully, my mother's parish priest came to her and we were both able to partake of our Easter communion. Happy Easter, Ray!

  9. And a Happy Easter to you Broad. I'm glad you had communion brought to you. Thank God for conscientious parish priests say I.

  10. And many more Happy Easters. Blessings from Dalamory

  11. Thank you Freda and the same to you (if you see what I mean)