Sunday, 29 September 2013

Michaelmas Day

After a really lovely St Michael's Day service this morning.  Good sermon, readings and singing.  We sang Cantate Domino very well indeed and finished the service quite pleased with ourselves.

It was a really beautiful day, the sort of day I feel should always mark this very important Saints Day.

The sun was too warm and inviting to ignore so I set about cutting back some of the Hibiscus and Buddleia  (avoiding that which was still blooming).

I became aware after a few minutes that there was a collared dove sitting a couple of feet from me on a Buddleia stump,  quietly eyeing my activities without fear or any apparent desire to fly.  So I went back into the house and collected my camera, sure that he would take off in a panic.

To my amazement he just sat there and let me get quite close before closing his eyes and settling down for a snooze.

When I had had enough and needed my coffee - around 1.30pm - he was still sitting there but flew off as I shut the back door.

The picture is not all that good but it is possible to see that my Michaelmas visitor was very relaxed.


  1. I think it's a lovely picture, Ray! He looks a lovely chap!

  2. They really are rather appealing when they're young aren't they Broad.
    I did find it a bit worrying that he let me get so close, thinking he might be injured, but he was just very laid back.

  3. How nice to share your coffee break with this lovely avian neighbor!

  4. Yes indeed. though I did draw the line at his choice of coffee.

  5. He must have been intuitive enough to know that you could be entirely trusted, Ray. Such a bonny little chap.

  6. He was a very soft still fairly downy bird, too young perhaps to have learned to mistrust other creatures.
    I have found that stillness is the least alarming approach to most birds and animals. Sudden movement appears to 'spook' them.