Thursday, 19 September 2013

An Embarrassment of Riches

Sometimes life is just so quiet, so boring, so .........uninterrupted that I need noise to reassure myself that I'm still here.

Other days are like today.

Normally Thursday is a household chores, odds and ends day and I see and hear no-one but the TV.

This morning washing in machine, paper-work well organised and coffee beckoning I thought.   "Two months or so since I last had contact with my brothers (I have three), wonder how they are"?

Sitting down with first coffee the phone rang - middle brother, "just wondered how you are?".

An hour later, a ring at door-bell, special delivery (shhh, a ring I had ordered via my favourite TV channel).

Lovely ring, duly admired and added to secret collection, I thought, time to resume house-work.  No, can't be bothered it can wait till tomorrow will watch "Loose Women", have lunch and relax.

Half way through the afternoon phone again - eldest brother "Long time no speak".  etc.

About three quarters of an hour later sitting in a once again silent house I thought how lovely it is to have the silence broken in such a perfect way.

We see each other very seldom my brothers and I, yet a couple of words into a telephone call and it's just like forty years ago.

Some relationships are worth cherishing even if slightly lengthy gaps link the conversations.

You can't choose your relations people say, but if I could, I'd choose the ones I have.


  1. You are very fortunate in deed to have three lovely brothers Ray x

  2. Yes, I think so (most of the time) Jane.
    The older I get the more aware I become of the importance of having links to the past.
    The day there is no-one left who knew me when I was young will be a sad one indeed.

  3. I know just what you mean, Ray. My sisters and I don't see each other often, but keeping in touch is so important and we do it. I'm glad you had such a lovely day of surprises.

  4. Thanks Perpetua. It was a lovely day, but not as rare a thing as I used to think. More a question of learning to recognise the good bits and make the most of them. Slowly getting there.