Thursday, 23 May 2013

Time to rest

In an ideal world this is what I would be doing, picture on left, me, if only.

This morning was the final appointment in my dental nightmare saga, so was greatly looking forward to an enjoyable time (not).

In the event, it was not quite as bad as I'd expected, though the injection in my cheek and gum was nasty.

The dentist is a thoroughly nice fellow, patient and with a sense of humour so the crown in place I got out of the 'chair' and thought.  "thank heaven", no more until my next check-up.

To my surprise I found I had no more to pay, just as well since the previous visit had virtually bankrupted me, and the receptionist said, "you ought to sit for a minute, you look a bit pale, just rest a bit before you leave".

"I'm fine", I replied and headed for the bus-stop into town.

There were a couple of things I needed to buy, so after a fifteen minute wait for the bus, in a force ten gale, I did my shopping and waited for the bus home.

Ten minutes later as the bus hove into view the woman standing next to me said, "not before time, you look a bit pale love".

"I'm fine", just a tad quietly, I said.

It had begun to rain when I got off the bus so upped my speed despite slightly leaden legs and got into the house just before a torrential hail-storm.

Sat and had a cup of tea, then thought I'd have a lie down for a while.

No sooner had I begun to drift off to sleep than the phone rang.

Staggering half-dazed into the office next door picked up the phone and was greeted by, "How are you today"?.

Somehow I refrained from telling him and said no, I did not want to answer a few questions with the chance of winning £250 pounds.  "Even though I'm not selling anything" he said.

I am not interested and don't want to answer a lot of questions was my reply.

I'm afraid I put the phone down on him as he continued to try to persuade me.

Now I am not just swollen faced, very tired (and apparently pale), but also thoroughly fed up and seriously contemplating disconnecting the phone.


  1. I hope you are now in bed and fast are braver than I'll ever be because I dodged out of having a crown fitted...It will all look better after a ood nights sleep. God bless.

  2. Awwww Ray, I wish I could give you a gentle hug - a cyber hug will have to do (((((((((((((Ray)))))))))))))) do hope you feel better tomorrow x

  3. You are absolutely right of course Jean, but it help to have a public grunt now and then.

    The crown feels fine today, looks OK too, but emphasises the black fillings alongside it.
    Blessings appreciated thanks.

  4. Jane, thanks for the hug. Mmmmm that feels better, as do I.

  5. happy you made it through and made it home safely...but the man calling...oh that's just not right!!! I rarely get those calls these days...thank goodness for a cell phone that lets me see the phone number of who's calling me...I can disconnect the call without ever answering! Hope you're feeling back to your usual self today!!!

  6. Hi Theanne. Yes I am fine again now, but the phone calls are a nightmare.
    My landline is very unsophisticated, but I live in hope of someone inventing a phone which detects cold callers and blows a big raspberry.

  7. It sounds as if you are a lot braver than me. Here's hoping you are a lot better now. I find it is becoming impossible to get rid of unwanted callers politely, though I do try. Once you get into a proper conversation they seem invincible. Keep trying though.

  8. Not brave Freda, desperate!
    These calls are becoming a daily event and I will not have my time (valuable to me, if to no-one else), occupied by a bunch of moronic 'space-invaders'.
    I'm afraid the polite response is a thing of the past from now on.
    Perhaps someone will invent a phone which is able to detect these pests and cut them off before they drive us all mad.

  9. Poor Ray. I do hope you've stopped looking a bit pale by now. Cold callers drive me up the wall too and as soon as I've twigged what's going on, my stock answer now is 'no, thank-you', followed by a swift disconnection.

  10. I think the pallor was due to a severe attack of cowardice combined with cold weather.
    Cold callers really are a menace aren't they? Mind you, I had an even more irritating one yesterday morning, wanting to know about the camper van I have for sale.
    Heaven knows who he thought he was ringing!