Monday, 15 April 2013

More Unwanted Changes

Yesterday we were dealt a body-blow during the morning's Eucharist.

Our dearly loved rector is leaving us in the summer.

This will be for him and his wife another step in his journey through the priesthood in all its splendid variety.

For us, his flock, congregation, teams of volunteers, church employees and all in the community it will be an occasion of sadness and loss.

Not yet two years since we said our goodbyes to a curate who touched many peoples hearts and whose departure is only just about beginning to be accepted and assimilated, we now have to say goodbye again to someone who has become a stable foundation at the centre of this church.

On a personal level I will miss both he and his wife who have become good friends in recent months.

I know this is a normal part of life in the Anglican church, and that for the incumbent in question is a part of his personal path to Christ, but for those of us who seem never to be able to get used to a new regime before it changes again, it is quite difficult to accept.

This is a busy, outgoing and many-faceted church and it takes a particular kind of person to sit at the helm, a position which this particular man has filled very well.

It is months before he will actually depart but the sense of loss is already beginning, along with a tiny, slight tremor of fear as to who might take his place.

Sadly those who will be most affected by this change will have no real say in the choice of replacement.

We can only wait, hope and pray.


  1. I empathize with you regarding your departing rector...I'm prayerful that it will all go smoothly.

  2. Can understand how you feel about this, especially as I know the Rector and his wife as she was our NSM before they moved to Aylesbury.
    The previous rector had been our parish priest, he baptised our daughter, nearly dropped her.

    The links continue as your former curate's church is the other end of this urban village and our son lives in Aylesbury now too.

  3. Ray, that must have been an awful shock, as I know how happy you are in your church and how hard it was when David left. You must feel like the rug has been pulled from under your feet.

    Sending sympathy and lots of prayers for you, your congregation and for those who will choose the Rector's successor. Prayers also for your Rector and his wife as it's very painful to leave a place where one has been happy and fulfilled in one's work, even when you feel it's the right decision.

  4. Jane and Theanne

    Thanks for your prayers, it will be a few months before the big change but it is never too soon to start to pray.

  5. PixieMum, it is as you point out, really quite a small world isn't it.
    It is quite odd how the circle turns.

  6. Thanks Perpetua. I think this is going to be quite a difficult time for a lot of people, so if you observe some blue prayer clouds floating over from the East they may well be from St. M's.
    Will try to help steer yours for us in the right direction too.

  7. Sorry to hear that Ray. You know that change is inevitable but coping with it is one of life's tests! It is possible that it could all be for good in the end. Hope so!

  8. Thanks Jean. Change is never really welcome for most people I think, and it is more difficult as we age, but yes of course, it could well prove to be for the good.
    I am aware that I have been very lucky to have had such lovely people to ease my way into the church right from the beginning.

  9. Even more coincidences, the vicar at the church where the Rector's wife was NSM was at one time the incumbent at the church where the Rector is going.
    Hope that makes sense.

    Also NSM has taught my cousin's children, our piano went to the music department in the same educational establishment.