Thursday, 25 April 2013

Fit !!!

I am not fit.

Fit means different things to different people.  It can mean you do a daily workout at the gym, or run a couple of miles before returning home for your half a grapefruit.  It can mean that you are well, not suffering from any ailment, or, in modern parlance that you are good to look at.

People say when they see me apparently flourishing while all around me are laid low with flu, viruses, back-pains etc. "You are so fit for your age".

I've never really known what that means.  Do they think I have super powers, or a secret cupboard containing the elixir of life, or merely that I seem to escape what ails most people.?

None of the above is true, though until 10 years or so ago, I was inclined to believe it was so.

Today is very warm, and since we are told it is the last warm day for a while I decided to tackle the front garden.  Doing only a little trimming cutting weeding, the sort of thing which would have left me slightly warm but feeling OK even five years ago, I came indoors, soaked with sweat (yes, ladies do sweat, glow worms glow), back aching, feet and ankles swollen.

This was only an hour's work but felt like ten.

On my St.Mary's mornings (Mon, Tues, and Wednesday) I get off the bus at the rear of the church and have to climb what seems like Everest, a slight incline.  Since I do this at my normal Olympic speed - don't know how to slow down - by the time I get into the Parish Office I am gasping for breath.

Pitiful isn't it.?

Lazy by nature exercise is not one of my favourite activities, so it is no wonder I'm not in good condition. Is that what is meant by 'fit' or rather, in my case unfit.

Gardening has always been a pleasure for me, but, it is becoming rather more of an effort these days.

Perhaps there are fairies at the bottom of my garden, if so I'll leave some tools out for them.


  1. This resonates perfectly with me right now. I sent for some new plants delivered yesterday. Just getting them unpacked gave me an aching back. I have now got our gardener to sort out the heavy pots! It has been my job until this year! I am feeling guilty about passing over another of my chores but needs must!

  2. Me too. My back is aching, feet twinging, I'm still picking the dirt out from under my fingernails and I definitely don't smell nice to be near!

  3. and me.....still young, only 69 years after all but getting help with the heavy work in the garden now due to a sore shoulder - I also find vacuuming hard work - mind you I have never liked housework.

  4. I really don't think guilt should enter the equation Jean, just pride at the things you are able to do.
    It seems to me that part of a good survival kit is knowing when to stop.

  5. Fingernails, what are they Greenpatches? Mine split and break all the time, so I just cut them shorter and shorter. Not pretty, but then, if God had meant us to have claws he'd have provided them.

  6. I do so know what you mean about housework Susan, I hate it, regard it as a necessary evil, and avoid it whenever and for as long as I can.
    The garden is different, in that I still love the idea of it, just find the reality rather harder at 78 than it was at 28.

  7. I'm not fit either, Ray, especially after this long winter when getting out and about was so miserably difficult. It's still too cold across here to want to spend much time in the garden - or at least that's my excuse. We haven't had the warm spell you've been enjoying. Sigh....

  8. "Spell" being the operative word Perpetua. Short and sweet, but good while it lasted. Today is much colder and very windy, with showers (which we need).
    I hope it will get better for us all soon, though whether it will also produce the necessary energy is another matter.
    Your Winter has been especially bad I know, so maybe the Summer will compensate.

  9. I understand perfectly what you mean fitness quotient has fallen flat on its face :D I'm counting on those fairies at the bottom of your garden!!!

  10. If I catch any of them I'll send one to you Theanne.