Monday, 22 April 2013

Just another day at the office

This morning, doing my daily exercises, eyes half closed, (it was only 6.15), I heard a buzzing behind the window blind, moved it gingerly to one side, and there in all its glory, was the very first wasp of the season.

What I think of wasps has been written about at length, previously, but whatever we think of them, the one thing we do at our peril is ignore them.

I reached a tentative hand up to the casement latch, flung it open and waited till I was sure it would be gone, closed the window and heard, that's right, an angry buzzing.

Not a happy bunny by now, I raised the blind opened the window again and this time, looking what I was doing flicked the striped monster with a hand-towel and hastily shut the window and pulled down the blind.  After all, it was early, and I wasn't dressed.

Not an auspicious beginning to the day, but hey, what's a little trouble?

As soon as I got to St. M's I phoned the dentist to make an emergency appointment, did I say I had broken a tooth yesterday?

The ladies who count 'the money', that is the various collections from the previous week, had a huge amount of small collections plus a larger one from The Scouts' St George's Day Service yesterday, so I offered to count out one of the extra one's for them (it was all small coins) to save them from meltdown.

Ten counts and I finally got it right.  Phew!

Then the Parish Administrator gave me a lift to the dentist.  Bless her.

A forty minute wait and I was x-rayed, the tooth had a temporary filling safely in place and I was told they would remove the old (black) filling, replace it with a white one, then make a crown , also white which would  take a further two appointments.

Loving dentists as I do - a previous post will tell you how much - I reluctantly agreed, heaved a sigh of relief at leaving the 'chair' and went out  to pay.

This is an NHS dentist and I was prepared for something of a shock since crowns are not cheap, but the sum of the two further appointments will cost me a princely £276.!!!

Luckily, I have a two and a half week wait for the 1st of these treatments, so time to rob a bank then.

Some days, I find myself wishing I hadn't got up.


  1. the good thing survived this day! I went through the dentist thing a year or so ago...I have dental insurance, which is a blessing. Actually I don't believe I have any back teeth that are totally mine...all caps/crowns! I look forward to your future dental posts with trepidation :D

  2. If they really frighten you, Theanne, you can always read them backwards.
    Was it Jerry Lewis, who always read 'her' letters upside down cos he didn't want to know what they said?

  3. Oh dear, Ray, perhaps a day to have stayed in bed? Your wasp may actually have overwintered in a corner and just woken up. That happened with us a couple of years ago and when I tried to put it out the blighter stung me! Poor you, a filling AND a crown? Ouch!

  4. You'll never believe this Perpetua, but the day wasn't done with me even then.
    Having hastily scribbled the blog at 10.45pm I then went to wash before bed, turned to grab a towel and there, on the floor, right in the doorway was a large black spider.
    Honestly, you couldn't make it up!
    I stepped over it fled the landing grabbed my dust-buster and a large plastic container, and after a mere 3 minutes got the blighter and flung it out of the window.
    Medal please.

    1. Now that's just not fair, Ray. You're so good at tackling them, but no-one should have to at that time of night. Medal in the post. :-)