Thursday, 11 April 2013

A New Year's Resolution - 1st step

I know it's April, but it has been a long long winter and today the New Year started in earnest for me.

This afternoon I went with a large group to the lovely Waterside theatre here in Aylesbury.

Apart from a trip with the church to a pantomime at the end of 2010, it is the first time I've been in a theatre for 44 years.

It was one of my New Years resolutions this year to start going to the theatre and the cinema again, and this was the first attempt.
The play was "The Mousetrap".  Yes I know it's entirely possible that I'm the only person in the uk who has never seen it, so it was about time.

Sorry about font don't know how it happened or how to correct it so onward and upward.

The last time I went to the theatre was in 1969 and the play was Abelard and Eloise, with Diana Rigg and Keith somebody (can't remember his name, but he was in the TV series Six Wives of Henry V111).

The last film I saw was "A Touch of Class" in about 1979/80.

My philosophy was, wait a year or so and if  it was any good it will be on TV.  This has largely worked, but of course only applies to films not theatre.

The Mousetrap was excellent, a good story and well acted and I shall be going again (to see something else that is).

Somehow being in a theatre in the daytime seems terribly decadent.

What a weird life I have been living these last forty or so years.

While I have no alarming intimations of mortality, even I realise that time is not on my side if I wan t to see all the good stuff that is out there.

We are lucky in this town to have such a beautiful modern theatre and (I'm told) a good cinema too.

We shall see.


  1. you've made a start...that's a good thing!

  2. Hmmm. One small step for (woman)kind, as someone nearly once said.
    I just hope the programme for the next few months is as good as yesterday.

  3. Well done, Ray. Next time will be much easier. ;-) It was Keith Michell you saw, as I remember him so well from The Six Wives of Henry VIII. Such a good series.

    I haven't been to either the cinema or the theatre for many years, not since our children grew up and left home. DH and I have been to a few concerts though. Does that count?

  4. Keith Michell, of course it was. He was a very good actor back in the day, as they say. Strange expression!
    No, sorry, concerts don't count, not in this particular game Perpetua.
    I also have been to a few concerts, but it was the theatre and the cinema which had been neglected for so long.
    Cinema next perhaps.

  5. As for the font, I think you may have hit Control with the letter 'i' rather than Shift - that will put it into italic mode.

  6. Thankyou Colin. Sounds very likely to me. I'm glad to see someone recognised my (muted) appeal for help.