Monday, 11 February 2013

R. I. P.

It is hushed and sad and silent in the office in my house
A requiem is taking place - for my computer mouse

New batteries were tried in vain, to save him how I tried
Till it became apparent that my little mouse had died.

No red light blinks, no wheel revolves
I must admit I cried

His little nose is cold and still
because my mouse has died.


  1. Aw, bless, ray. You may get another mouse, but things will never be the same.....

  2. Sniff sniff, true, so true. Love is never the same the second time a round.
    The real problem is of course, that I don,t seem able to scroll down using the keyboard si this is typed on the IPad. Very slow!

    1. You should have up/down/left/right arrow buttons on your keyboard, Ray. These will take your cursor where you want it to go. For longer periods of reading, use the PgUp/PgDn buttons to move you down a whole chunk.

  3. You will enjoy choosing a new one! My new one glows electric blue and pink (a gift), in the middle of the night I can always tell if the computer has been left on. It is very cheery and in such girly bad taste I love it.

  4. We had a battery one once but I prefer to have one plugged in directly so that the power comes via the USB port. Tesco do a reasonable one for six quid.

  5. I live my life mouse free
    A laptop with a touch pad
    Will always be for meeee!


  6. Thanks for the info Perpetua (you'll train me yet), very useful.
    I have no idea what three quarters of the buttons on my keyboard are for.
    Another 40 years and I may begin to get some idea.

  7. Hi Margaret, your mouse sounds very exotic I must say, though all I really want is one that works.

  8. Colin, thanks for the suggestion, it sounds a good idea. The only problem then will be that I don't know how or where to plug it in.
    Sadly I really am as dim as I sound.

  9. At the moment Broad, that is how I am working, but it is so slow it will drive me barmy (barmier), if I have to do it for long.

  10. So sorry that nothing could revive your mouse - you'll soon get used to the new one! Freda from Dalamory (

  11. I have to acquire him before I can get used to him Freda, but this time I think I'll take the advice so many people have given me and get one who is permanently plugged in.
    Hopefully then he might be longer lived.