Saturday, 9 February 2013

Phew.............How very .........Fragrant!

Having been to town (in the snow) this morning, I felt entitled to a good lunch on my cold wet return.

The snow became sleet, then rain and I didn't feel noble or brave any more, merely damp, bedraggled, and scruffy so, time for a reward.

My lunch most days consists of a roll (usually large-seeded) and either egg, cheese or smoked salmon.

Add a few small tomatoes, some pitted black olives, a threat of lettuce and yum, my sort of lunch!

Today, as I opened the door of the fridge my nose (working efficiently for once thanks to the fresh air), was assailed by a stupendous pong.

"It's not that long since I defrosted the fridge is it"? I thought.  No, it was a lurking elderly Camembert, one of  the ones I had bought unripe, at Christmas.  Now decidedly ripe and almost leaping out of the fridge.

Just the way I like them.   By them, I mean all my powerful favourites, Chaumes, Camembert, Brie and co.

Poor John hated strong cheese and preferred the delicate flavours of Leerdammer, Edam and mild Cheddar, and when I was preparing our lunch he would sit  watching the mid-day news on TV and would suddenly bellow "you've got the b....y fridge door open again haven't you, that cheese is rank".

I would put his mild uninteresting lunch on a tray on his lap and gleefully cart my own evil-smelling trying to run off the plate, version of lunch into a corner away from him.

I have, I maintain, a very sensitive palate, able to discriminate between many different wines and quite delicately flavoured foods, but Oh how I love a really stinky cheese.

Today's lunch was excellent, thank you very much!


  1. Have you ever tried Kilree - the King of Irish goat's cheese? Truly....ehrm...overpowering!

  2. Ray, you and John would have made a good match for DH and me. Like you I love a good ripe runny Camembert, whereas he prefers cheese so young it's barely been born. He always insists I store 'my' cheese in the tightest-sealed Tupperware. :-)

  3. Never heard of it Greenpatches. Is it made by leprachauns?
    Will keep my eyes open for it, or should that be my nose?

  4. Whereas Perpetua, you and I know that Tupperware is for wimps!
    I like a cheese which announces its presence with a fanfare.
    Sorry my typing appears to have been done by a dyslexic spider, my mouse has died, and I'm having to try to use the keyboard. A steep learning curve for me.

  5. Ray, your post made me laugh and I thought 'tortoise' when I first saw the photo without reading the post itself.

  6. Jane, how could you imagine I'd eat a tortoise!
    I do see what you mean, strange picture isn't it?

    By the way, have you seen your optician recently?