Thursday, 25 October 2012

When is enough enough?

On yet another grey, damp sunless day (the fifth in a row), yet in quite an upbeat mood, I sat down to have my lunch, switched on the lunch-time news, and yet again wished I hadn't.

It is necessary to either read a newspaper, listen to the radio, go online or watch TV in order to have at least some idea of what is happening in the world around us.  This I accept.

What for me is becoming well-nigh intolerable is the sheer volume of 'bad' news items which fill the half-hour news slot every day.

Yesterday was the wretchedly sad story of the Doctor whose entire family were wiped out in a horrendous house fire.

Today started with the news that yet another part of the once great Ford manufacturing empire is to close, with the loss of yet more jobs.

Then there is the ever-increasing volume of horror stories around the vile can of worms which is the Jimmy Savil story.

The supposedly good news story which ended today's half hour was that of the award which is to be presented (posthumously) to  the dog who died - apparently of a broken heart - on the same day as his soldier hero owner.

If this is good news then Dear Lord please spare from the bad.

Sufficient unto the day....


  1. I know, I know! It's relentless, isn't it? I remember it got to the point several years back that hubby was having to deliberately avoid the Today Programme, it was making him feel so low.

  2. Not just me then, Greenpatches.? I suppose it would be viewed as cowardly to avoid news items altogether but the temptation to do so is immense.
    It is after all, not as if we could in any way influence events for the better. Reported news is what has already happened.

  3. I've started having an internal debate with myself at news time as to whether I want to watch or not. In addition to the relentless bad news is the running commentary I get from my husband. I don't know what is worse!

  4. It is quite a dilemma isn't it?
    It is not a nice feeling when people discuss some 'hot' topic and you don't know what they're talking about, so some information is probably essential, but it would be good to have a filter for the really bad stuff.
    Yes, silence in husbands is a good thing!

  5. Ray. I won't add to your feeling of desolation. But the only way I can communicate is public. And I'm not ready for that yet.

  6. As and when Jean. As and when,

  7. I know of people who don't read the papers anymore because they can't stand reading about bad news.

  8. Yes me too Jane. I do think we need to know what is going on in the world, but it is the deliberate choice to publish only the worst that gets to me.

  9. I rarely watch the news these days. I favour going to many & varied on-line sites to get my daily news then I can read what I choose. It's working so far.

  10. Too time-consuming Shona. I think I'll just watch the head-lines then switch off. The details I can live without!

  11. They say that bad news sells newspapers, Ray, but I know so many people would love to hear some good news as well. In little Wales we've had the disappearance of little April Jones (less than 15 miles form where we live) plus the dreadful house fire in Prestatyn (now a murder charge) and the frightening series of hit and run collisions in Cardiff - all in the past month! So sad.

  12. I know Perpetua, but apparently doom, gloom , murder and mayhem are what make the world go round, according to the media anyway.
    Now there is the 'great storm' to cause more alarm and despondency, and fill our thoughts with sadness for those caught up in its terrible force.
    While at home our lovely brave little Jean Rolt at Tregear Vean has the most awful events in her life, yet somehow contrives to be her usual warm loving self.
    Hope for us all maybe.