Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Saint Francis as seen by my friend the Iconographer

As promised, these are pictures of my Icon taken by the artist giving a much more detailed view of the depiction,  They were  taken in Freemantle where she painted it.  The base is Jarrah? wood a native Australian wood beautiful in its own right.
She claims they are not good pictures.  I disagree.


  1. I think they are wonderful, Ray. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. They are really excellent aren't they Broad? The ones I took for my blog were very poor and the detail was not visible.
    The real thing is truly gorgeous and it is in front of me at this minute.

  3. It is exquisite, Ray. The face is deeply impressive and I love the touches of humour, so befitting this joyful little man.

  4. The Iconographer is a Novice Fransiscan Perpetua, and she said she 'felt' his presence while she was working on the Icon.
    He has always been my favourite saint and most of the reasons for this are to be seen in this depiction.
    I love the face too and keep finding new nuances in his expression. A life without humour would be no life at all.