Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Has TV taken over from reality (on my screen anyway)?

 Yes I know, we've been here before, but...........
Oh how I wish I could overcome my addiction to Holby City and its splendid group of actors.

Not only are the storylines gripping and (almost) believable, but the acting is always first-class.  So much so that sometimes now even when it clashes with something really vital and newsworthy I find myself sneaking the odd few minutes peep, just to see what I'm missing.  

Tonight's story was almost too much for my poor heart.  I feared that we were about to lose the gorgeous enigmatic ten foot tall Henrik Hanson, but never fear, in his usual immaculately well-mannered, and terminally noble way, he heroically risked his life and then publicly humbled himself in full view of a TV crew, and was last seen sitting quietly at his desk, sutures waiting while he, with only the tiniest grimace heroically stitched himself back together.

Oh the nobility!

It's absolutely no use anyone telling me what a load of cobblers this all is.  I know it.  No use saying it is so far from real life it could be filmed on another planet, I know it.  No use saying these are only actors - admittedly doing an excellent job. I know that too.

Someone please, burst my bubble, tell me to wake up and smell the coffee.  But, not yet!


  1. You have my sympathy, Ray. I too used to be a hopeless Casualty and Holby City addict, but the addiction was forcibly broken when I started to spend months away with no TV. Those were the days....

  2. Thought you might like last night's offering! Sterling stuff

  3. Hi Perpetua, I don't really want sympathy (though I probably need it). Since, if I'm honest, I don't truly want to be cured.
    I really couldn't survive without my TV - just hope I'm never put to the test.

  4. Dear me David. Am I to understand that you are still hooked too?
    I'd have thought you'd be too busy these days.

  5. I managed to escape Holby City as well as Casualty. But I am hopelessly addicted to Midsomer Murders (it's the 'realism', I suspect ;-)and Lewis -- murder and mayhem, that's how I escape!!!

  6. Yes, I know what you mean...realism????
    I love Midsomer too and Lewis (though I suspect that may have something to do with the lanky Hathaway! Hmmmm.

  7. Don't know about Holby City and Casualty, but I'll confess to a weakness for 'House.' I've worked my way through a box set right up to Series Seven. (Please, no spoilers, if you've got any further!).

  8. Don't do American TV (even with English stars), so can't compare, but I have heard rave reviews.
    Luckily, since we have many and varied addictions, there seems to be enough TV to go round.

  9. Well, I don't do American TV either, really, but was first given 'House,' by my children. They seem to have taken it upon themselves to educate us!

  10. Good luck with that Greenpatches.

  11. how I miss House....

    when you get to the end Greenpatches let me know what you replace it with as we still have a hole that needs filling!