Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Talk to the Animals

This is the 'bun on the run' I wrote about last time, on the first day of his bid for freedom.

As you can see, although he is eating an apple core i threw out for the blackbirds, he is fairly fat.

By the time he was captured and returned to his not overly concerned owners, he was thin and bedraggled looking.

This evening I  have been pulling up tons of forget-me-not which have been making my nearly impenetrable jungle even more so.

Stupidly, I left the back door open.  I know, asking for trouble, and it arrived, in the form of Hercules the red terror of a previous post.

He is a beautiful, well-fed, ginger cat friendly and well-behaved around humans, but an evil predatory killer of all feathered things.  So, generally speaking I do not welcome his presence, particularly during the breeding season.  He has single-handedly, so to speak, polished of about a third of the local bird population and has the even more charming habit of leaving their feathers, beaks etc. in my next-door-neighbours garden.

As you may imagine he is not the most popular animal on the planet and I chased him away from the area I was working in and then forgot about him.

Having done about 20 minutes hard weeding I'd had enough and headed back indoors.  As I did so Hercules shot out of the kitchen and fled,

Heart in mouth I pelted upstairs and yes, of course, there is a lovely set of muddy footprints right across my pale pink duvet.  (Bless his little heart - which, if I catch him - I may just cook  and eat)!

It is my own fault for leaving the door open, and I do love all cats - well most cats - I will make an exception in his case.

Later this year I am hoping that my lovely Iconographer friend Constantina, will begin on an Icon of St Francis for me, details to be discussed.

Famed for his love of all God's creatures, I can't help wondering what he would have made of Hercules.


  1. oh dear I'm sorry but I did have to laugh!! we moved at the end of last year on to a new housing estate - so we haven't, has yet, been visited by any other cat other than our own :))

    I spoke on Andrei Rublev's icon of the Trinity - obviously on Trinity Sunday. Ideas came from a lovely book by Ann Persson called 'The Circle of Love - praying with Rublev's icon of the Trinity'..

  2. That made me smile. We have our own resident 'Hercules' now. Doesn't go out much, though feisty enough; our dog's harassment of the local birdie population is enough to be going on with.

  3. Every species has its rogues, even cats, Ray. Sorry about your pawmarked duvet, but at least he didn't leave a small feathered carcass on it. Saint Francis would probably have told him off as he did the birds. :-)

  4. I'm glad you found my 'saga' amusing Judy. Can't say I did.
    I don't know the Rublev icon you mentioned. Will Google it.

  5. Hercules and I are old enemies Greenpatches. I very much doubt this is our last encounter.
    Shame really. He has a lovely little face.

  6. Thanks for the insight into St Francis' likely response Perpetua. I too 'told him off' but in rather unrestrained fashion.