Saturday, 9 June 2012

The pictures are just a few of the Jubilee decorated St Mary's, not very good pictures but if you double click on them more detail can be seen.

The fourth one is purely red white and (dyed) blue flower heads and is the work of our excellent St M's bloomers.

Unfortunately the awful weather made the church rather dark so photographs by a (at best) poor beginner, do not really do justice to spectacular gasp-inducing 1st sight of our festive church in all its splendour.

Sadly, since then, I have had a longish spell of poor health - see previous post - but am now OK again and looking forward to tomorrow's service and later in another church, a baptism.

This baptism is that of the little one year old sister of 4 year old Scarlet, whose big day was held last year.
Regular readers may remember she is the little girl who objected strenuously to having her 'hair washed'.

Little Zara is fortunately, too small to object in quite the same way, though she will doubtless make her voice heard.

This morning I have been helping some of my neighbour's children to round up an escaped rabbit.  A small terrified brown and white "Dutch" which has been on the run for a week.  Thankfully they captured it and returned it to its owner, considerably thinner than when it did its Houdini-type run.

Have been looking at the wrecked jungle which is currently my soggy, wind flattened back garden and am looking forward to getting to grips with it once both weather and health and available time coincide.

Lots going on, I am profoundly thankful to say.


  1. Blogger ate my title. For some reason "Never a dull moment" appears not to be acceptable.
    Sorry about the loss of heading.

  2. Blogger has a mind of its own, Ray and we mere mortals an do nothing about it. Glad you are feeling a bit better and please don't run your photos down. They're lovely!

    Our village church held an absolutely splendid flower festival (their first ever) to mark the Jubilee and we all loved it. However I stupidly forgot to take my camera to church for the Jubilee service and have been busy with grandchildren ever since, so sadly no photos.

  3. Hi Perpetua. Glad you approve of the photos, though the reality was far better.
    Have just returned from the baptism and "do" after it.
    All fabulous and not a single tear from the 'star' bless her.
    I am indeed feeling much better thankyou (fingers crossed).

  4. Hi Ray - thank you for finding me :)) although I haven't been quite as lost as the poor rabbit you helped to rescue today but I wish I was a bit thinner!!! haha We moved house last October into a new housing estate so we had our first community event on the 5th June to mark the Jubilee and it was wonderful to meet and greet all our new neighbours. Your photos are wonderfully. Judyx

  5. Judy, we all wish we were thinner. For some reason wishing just doesn't do it.
    I hope you'll be very happy in your new home. If your local community is even half as good as mine you will be.

  6. Lovely photos - amazing to see the work that went into the floral art. Blessings

  7. Hi Freda

    Yes it was pretty spectacular and in fact was only dismantled today. It lasted amazingly well.
    Blessings to you also.