Thursday, 15 March 2012

Which way is up?

At this minute the sun is blazing through my window so that I have had to pull the blind down in order to see the keyboard.

An hour ago there was dense, freezing fog outside and it was so cold I turned the heating up a couple of notches.


This feels very much like my life at the moment,  On Monday it was my sister-in-law's funeral.  On Tuesday nothing out of the ordinary happened, quiet, peaceful morning in the parish office, followed by a lovely lunch-time communion service.

Yesterday after cleaning the brass at St. M's, I was too tired and low-spirited to feel any sort of enthusiasm for anything, until K my lovely neighbour (owner of "Soggy Doggy " of my long ago post, called in to see if I wanted to 'walk' Ziggy with her.

Since 'walk' is the one thing not on Ziggy's agenda, I happily agreed.  After the usual attempt to catch up with each other's news, thwarted at every step by the lunatic hyper dog, bounding, leaping and tearing off at a tangent every few seconds, we finally settled to throwing his ball and gaining a few seconds respite while he tore off to drop it - just out of reach -  for us.

Across the field there was a man with a dog and a ball.  Deep joy!  Ziggy decided to 'help' the other dog (a beautiful Weimeramer) and kindly collected his ball too.

Whereupon his owner produced a second ball and proceeded to throw balls for both dogs, and when the unrepentant Ziggy showed no sign of giving 'his' ball back, the l;ovely man said "let him keep it I have another dozen in the car".
K was embarrassed, not for the first time, by her awful animal but happy to find a new dog owner friend. (She has millions).

When we got back I was happier than for quite a while had a quiet evening and woke this morning with spirits once again down to zero.

I think it maybe because my step-grandson is flying out to Afghanistan today, for his second tour of duty, and the thought fills me with apprehension. He spent his 20th birthday in Iraq had a stint in Germany, then went to Afghanistan for his 21st birthday.  Now after two years he is off again.  Will it never end?

Being a fairly unstable individual and a sort of human barometer I find it difficult to sustain any state of mind whether happy or sad for any length of time as each new happening occurs.

This evening I am taking the 'girls' from the close out for a meal to celebrate my birthday which is tomorrow (choir rehearsal night).  There will be eight of us and we will have fun, and hopefully, a good meal. but at present I feel as though I want to retire to bed and stay there indefinitely.;

Sometimes just trying to sustain any sort of balance is supremely difficult, but having a fairly mercurial temperament has its good side too.  At least the mood can change very quickly and can hinge on very little.

What very complicated creatures we humans are.


  1. Wishin you a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow Ray. Hope you enjoy your meal. Jenni x

  2. Ray, I'm sorry your interior weather is so changeable at the moment, unlike our exterior weather which has been set to mist and little else for the last 4 days. I'm also sorry to hear of your worry about your grandson. My youngest nephew has done two tours of duty and it is always tense when he's out there.

    Enjoy your meal out with the girls this evening and all good birthday wishes for tomorrow.

  3. Hoping you enjoy your birthday, enjoy your meal, enjoy your time out with friends...sounds quite lovely.

  4. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Ray, praying your spirits soar with your friends this evening and the memory of it will bring a smile to your face in the lower moments x x x

  5. Hang on in there, Ray!

    I have mentioned your step-grandson and sister-in-law on the prayer list at Saint Laika's today.

    But, most of all, have a wonderful birthday! May God bless you with as much happiness as you can bear throughout the coming year.

  6. Thanks Jenni. It was a lovely happy evening, good food, wine and best of all company.

  7. I like the phrase "interior weather" Perpetua, it is a good description.
    Last evening was really very enjoyable so today's weather is set fair.l
    Thanks for the good wishes.

  8. It was indeed a lovely evening, and everyone seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was.
    It is an excellent little Italian restaurant, good
    food and a very happy atmosphere Theanne.

  9. Jane, my spirits did indeed soar throughout the evening and we had a very happy, if somewhat noisy time.
    The world looks a lot better today thanks.

  10. Thankyou so much MP. I have been over to the St. Laika site and greatly appreciate your kindness.
    Thanks also for the birthday wishes. I feel I could cope with any amount of happiness this coming year, so here's hoping.