Saturday, 17 March 2012

Let them eat Cake

Thursday evening's 'birthday' meal had a few surprises, including a cake which the girls had snuck in.

I now have a sitting-room with not one, but four vases of tulips, a stack of very pretty cards (with the exception of  a cheeky one from one of my brothers), and, until an hour ago an iced cake.

I was touched as well as surprised by the cake, but - yes, you knew there'd be a but didn't you - I don't 'do' cake.

Everyone was too full to eat any of it on the night so as the minibus dropped us off in the close, I suggested I have an open day on Saturday and anyone who would like to drop in for tea or coffee and cake would be welcome.

Most people thought they'd try to find time, but in the event only three pieces got eaten, so this evening I wrapped up a few slices in greaseproof paper and took them round to those who hadn't dropped in for their kids.

Pure genius don't  you think?  Kids never quibble over iced cake.

The girls had also bought me a bottle of good wine and    wait for it    a book to help me learn how to use the Ipad (Ipad for dummies).  Now I really have no excuse left, so watch this space.


  1. A great solution, Ray. Happy kids and no wasted cake. :-) No easy when someone kindly gives you something you don't eat.

  2. Well it seemed like a good idea at the time Perpetua. I just hope the parents don't blame me if the kids throw up!

  3. what a wonderful celebration...I don't do cake either...or ice cream...or maybe even pie anymore! so don't know what we'll celebrate with a few months down the road! sounds like you figured out how to recycle the cake to others! love that you got tulips and cards and wine and a book to help you decipher your iPad! ;-)

  4. Yeah Theanne. Inspired or what? My home is once more a cake-free zone.

    The tulips are looking gorgeous, the wine is awaiting a suitable occasion and the Book. Yes, the book is another matter entirely.

    It appears to be written half in Sanskrit and half in Martian. Time will tell.

  5. Just to let you know that for some reason my blog is not being updated on the blog's of folk who follow me. Can't work out how to fix it yet. Jenni

  6. Thanks for the information Jenni. Afraid I have no idea so can't help, but I'm sure someone will know how.
    Hope to 'see' you soon.

  7. Beautiful photo. iPad for Dummies? Lol

  8. Thanks Jane, it's a rose called "Tradescant" which I grow through a pale mauve buddleia. It has a fabulous scent.
    The Ipad book does not!