Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Feel-good Factor

As so often with my posts, this picture is unrelated, except in as much as I find it very appealing and it therefore makes me feel good.

A day when the weather was warm, sunny and spring-like but when I nevertheless was feeling under the weather and distinctly sorry for myself (a subject on which I will elaborate at a future date).

After a necessary shopping trip and a tiny, miniscule amount of easy garden tidying - not to be confused with real gardening - I flopped into a chair with a coffee and turned on the TV.

Having watched the whole of the 6 nations rugby between Wales and England (my side won,) and I then started picking out bits of paper-work that wouldn't wait.

More or less up to date again, I thought "what's on the box now"? and wonder of wonders, found one of my all-time favourites was just starting.  "Goodnight Mr Tom", is in my opinion, one of the best films ever made.
Yes I know it is impossibly sentimental in places and East Anglia - which I love - is made to look like a sort of
post-card Nirvana, but the story is gripping from start to finish, the acting superb and the wonderfully happy ending so uplifting that I am totally addicted.

Sometimes it really doesn't take much to turn a mood around, simplistic though it sounds there are so many ways to experience the feel-good factor.


  1. going to check out Netflix for "Goodnight Mr. Tom"!

  2. Glad you had sunshine and one of your favourite films, Ray. Much cloudier here and though I've seen and enjoyed 'Goodnight Mister Tom', I like the book even better. It's a children's book, written by Michelle Magorian and it's wonderful.

  3. Coffee and telly you like -- such a delicious way to spend an afternoon!

  4. Theanne, don't know Netflix but I hope you find it.

  5. I think apart from it's being a good story, half the appeal for me, is John Thaw. He really was a wonderfully versatile actor, and as I know East Anglia well and love it, the film has the lot.
    I've never read the book. If as you say it is a childrens' book it would not have crossed my radar.

  6. Yes as you say Broad, a great way to spend a rather self-indulgent afternoon, not that I'd let that stop me.