Friday, 4 November 2011

Transient Glory

Yesterday to my astonishment I discovered that Perpetua of "Perpetually in Transit", had nominated me with four others for the Versatile Blogger Award.

In all humility, I really cannot imagine why but her post explains how it works.

Apparently there is a requirement that you list five quirky facts about yourself and then proceed to nominate your own five potential winners.

Not an easy  thing to do, because the minute you try to name five facts about yourself you instantly become the least interesting person on the planet, and supremely self-conscious too.

Nevertheless, for what it's worth, here are my five:

1  I am probably the only person in Britain who has never ordered a take-away of any description.

2  I have enormous respect for people who have 'done things'with their lives, but do not number them among  
    my friends.

3  I have nothing but contempt for those who exploit other people for financial or personal gain, but also
    secretly despise those who allow themselves to be so treated.

4  I laugh like a drain at QI  but sit stony-faced through virtually all stand up comedy.

5  I  have a 'thing' about eyes, and firmly believe they say far more than words if you learn how to read them.

There are a huge number of blogs I read regularly, not all of which I would nominate  for a number of reasons, but, after some thought this is my list:

"The Filey Gardener"  Full of everyday wisdom without being cloyingly homespun

"One Cannot have too large a Party"  An American perspective on life through the eyes of a warm and loving Episcopalien  Minister.

"Trying to be me"  Reflections on the need to try to stay up-beat and positive while gallantly swimming against the tide of a problem filled life,

"Vic the Vicar"  A varied and usually good -humoured account of life as a clergyman in a busy parish.

"The Vernacular Curate/Vicar"  Can't remember what he calls himself now.  A bursting with life day-to-day struggle  by one, slightly barmy clergyman, his problems, successes, occasional battles seen with often piercingly clear insight.

I could add  at least another five, but rules is rules.

Read and enjoy.


  1. See, Ray, I knew you could do it! I chose you because your blog is always worth reading and you write with honesty and a wry sense of humour - as shown by your five quirky facts :-) Now to explore those of your five nominations i haven't already encountered.

  2. I cant believe that you have never ordered a takeaway!!
    Then I started thinking about it and realised that I have only ordered a Chinese a couple of times. Thanks for compliment -it cheered me up!

  3. awwww thanks Ray - love your facts, they made me giggle - I hope they were supposed to ;o)

  4. Thanks again Perpetua, I write honestly because I don't know any other way. Probably a bit naive but better than pure fiction.
    As for the "wry sense of humour", I fear it is a cross between cynicism and a warped and slightly malicious view of life.

  5. The great takeaway truth hit me when a gang of neighbours were ordering pizzas in my house on my birthday. One of them said "would you prefer your usual takeaway"?, and wouldn't believe me when i said this was my first experience.
    I know I have missed out on a few things in life but have only just realised I must have been living down a drain somewhere. There can be no other explanation.

  6. Giggle away Jane, you have my permission. I have to admit I do try to inject a vein of humour when I can, otherwise my writing would be too jaundiced for most people's palates.

    Thank you all three, for the pleasure your writing gives me.

  7. Ray, if it's any consolation I've just realised you're not the only person in Britain never to have ordered a takeaway. I haven't either, as when I was a student in a city I couldn't afford it and since then we've always lived beyond the orbit of takeaway delivery rounds.

  8. Welcome to the club Perpetua. In my case it never occurred to me not to cook when I was married, and since John's death I eat what I like when I like and never enough to justify ordering a meal.

  9. Aaack! Ray, I missed this in the craziness of being away, coming back, still unpacking, etc. Thank you very kindly for choosing my blog to be among your five. I'm truly honored, and I will play along poste haste!

  10. Bless you Penny, there is no need to do so but if you wish to Perpetua suggested you download and use the image she passed on to me.
    That way people will pick up on it quicker.
    I just double clicked on it and "Bingo", there it was.
    It doesn't mean anything much, but it's a nice way to pay tribute to your favourite blogs.