Saturday, 5 November 2011

Party time in The Close again

The ominous storm clouds from my office window were photographed about two weeks ago.

Today it has been too dark to take pictures at all.

Typical!  Just when the close is looking festive with balloons and banners (shriveling in icy blast) in preparation for this evening's 'jolly'.

One of the neighbours, Mike is 50 today.  He is the husband of lovely Karen , parents to four children,
two cats and the dog Ziggy about whom I wrote a blog last year (Soggy Doggy Bloggy).

A huge crowd of  us, family and friends are going to an Indian Restaurant, then back to the close for fireworks and then the usual house or road party, wine and beer flowing freely, lots of noise, laughter and fun.

I suppose it really was too much to hope the mild weather could last, and of course it hasn't, but that will make very little difference as the evening progresses and we all disappear at intervals to add another layer until we all reach roasting point.

Starting the evening looking fairly glamorous, it is downhill all the way thereafter.

Must remember to go easy on the wine, so I can be suitably sober and proper for tomorrow morning, when for once, I will not be in the choir at St. M's, but attending a Baptism of a 14 year old with my Baptist neighbours.  As this will be the first time I've ever seen an adult Baptism complete with immersion I want to note every difference from Anglican Baptism.

Altogether a really different weekend.


  1. Don't worry, Ray, whatever the weather it sounds like you're going to have a fantastic evening and an interesting weekend overall. Enjoy!

  2. Hope you had a great time and enjoyed the baptism this morning - those storm clouds are quite spectacular!

  3. Thanks Perpetua, I did indeed enjoy the evening, despite the freezing wind which accompanied the fireworks display. It was great fun and I slept like a log after it. (More to do with the amount of wine consumed than any energy expended.
    The Baptism was fascinating.

  4. Hi Jane, a truly memorable weekend on many different levels.
    The storm clouds really were extraordinary, and although, taken out of the window which doesn't open fully, are really quite spectacular if you click on them and enlarge them.
    I have to say I'm glad I wasn't the one being baptised as the water was said to be cold!

  5. I hope you found the adult baptism interesting. I was 35 years old when I was baptized at our local Baptist Church :-)

  6. Hi Ron.
    Yes I did find it very interesting, though I have to say the lack of liturgy and the over-long sermon failed to reach me.
    The Anglican Cof E approach works for me.
    It is always good to try other styles of worship I think, even if, in the end, they only reinforce your own view.

  7. Hi Ray,

    I was "dunked" aged 24, it's usually a very different service than the usual Sunday Service. Although there's not often a lot of litergy. Wonderful isn't it ,we all like different ways to worship but all belong to the same family! A bit like going on holiday really, some of us like a tent ,others a 5 star Hotel. Glad you enjoyed your weekend.

  8. Hi Jenni
    I suppose being dunked at 24 was a little daunting, I'm glad I was baptised (and confirmed) in the Anglican style at the age of 75.
    Total immersion would probably have seen baptism and funeral all in one service.

  9. There is something very special about an adult baptism with full immersion. The minister of one CofS church I attended, "borrowed" the baptismal tank from the local Baptist church to do a full immersion adult baptism. Most moving. - if a bit messy.

  10. I guess it just depends how adult the adult is Freda.
    It was certainly an interesting ceremony to watch, but for myself I'd have hated it.
    Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I can't swim, but water and I just don't 'go'.