Sunday, 2 August 2020

Joy in Small Things

This morning after the on-line service a friend from the choir came round to see me, and for the first time since 16th March I let her in.

She came to bring me a card from her and the family and her personal condolences on the loss of my brother 9 days ago.

I wrote in my previous blog how I felt about loss during this pandemic but didn't mention the extra burden of not being able to talk about grief to anyone.

Just having a friend face to face (suitably distanced) made such a huge difference that by the time she left - cup of tea and one and a half hour's chat later - I felt as though someone had rolled the clouds back and let the sun shine again.

Being a stoic and not making a big fuss over things are seriously over rated behaviours, particularly when emotions are acute and the need for even tiny grains of comfort are supremely important.

It feels like a huge change, allowing someone over the doorstep, but oh how worth it it was.

Thanks be to God for good friends.


  1. Amen to that Ray. They do have their uses!

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  3. It must be good to know that your years in the choir have counted for something and gained you such good friends.

  4. Yes it is a small heart-warming light in a dark time. Until this awful virus imprisoned us I thought I was absolutely fine on my own.
    When my brotheer's funeral takes place (25th Aug) I will be better able to accept that I can't attend now that on-line zoomed services are on offer.
    Hopefully there will be other friend to have on-line chats with.

  5. May the God of all comfort send you more comfort. And may your brother rest in peace, and rise in Glory.