Sunday, 26 January 2020

Never Underestimate the Power of the Inanimate

Ha! Did I say 'they' might leave me in peace now?

What an optimist!

Last Monday my washing machine decided to die, True it has had a very long life, true, i was aware that it was on its last legs but oh dear what a terrible noise it made before ceasing to make any noise.

My usual panic mode set in and for about half a day I did not have a clue what to do, then slowly, common sense returned.

I went to my local retail park - awful title - and threw myself on the mercy of a very kind and very well-informed lady who talked me through all the options and made several useful suggestions.

On Saturday afternoon my new machine was delivered, fitted, tried out and the old one taken away.

By then I had yet another very sore throat cough and the usual temperature so wasn't feeling wonderful

Today instead of being in church I did rwo wash loads and cleared the back log of laundry which has piled up in the past week.

The machine appears to be working perfectly, my temperature is easing off and things appear to be returning to what passes for  normal in my world.

BUT I am not loudly proclaiming the end of my problems - just in case they are listening.


  1. I had a whole run of household gremlinitis. I got two ceiling leaks which needed work and some plastering work as they'd had to cut through the ceiling, then the boiler went and needed replacing, then the roof leaked again and cost quite a bit to sort, then I found some damp in my son's bedroom, which fortunately can be sorted fairly easily. I am hoping that has sorted it all for at least a while but don't want to speak too soon!

  2. Oh Sue, you have been having some fun.
    I do hope that's it for now at least.

    It is strange how they always seem to come in groups, though the terribly wet winter probably is to some extent the culprit.

    I also had a cold radiator after the two previous things were sorted and as it was in the bathroom, getting out of the shower has been a pretty chilly affair.

    Still that is now fixed, so let's hope we can both concentrate on pleasanter things for the coming months.

    Best of luck and Blessings.