Sunday, 11 August 2019


Today it is ten years since my husband John died.

Not all anniversaries are happy ones.

An ex neighbour, still a good friend is picking me up at 1.00 to take me to put flowers on his memorial stone and to clean up the blue granite so it sparkles again.

He loved blue, and his maternal grandfather came from Aberdeen, home of granite, so the stone was the best I could do.

As it is August, there is no choir for a month at St. M's and I do not sit in the congregation to take  part in a service where I can't sing.

This means no church until Sept.

Soe people find it odd that I choose to miss a whole month rather than attend what for me is not a 'proper' service.

It is after all the singing which is my personal approach to Christianity.

I miss the choir, I miss my other friends in the church and I miss John.

Mercifully Sarah my lovely ex-neighbour understands my skewed thinking and we will havbe a coffee and a good long catch-up chat after we have visited John.

Thank God for good neighbours, good friends and people who do not make judgements.


  1. Ah, so sorry. Thinking of you. It is tough.

  2. Sue, I am sorry for my miserable bit of self-indulgence. I know you have far more reason than I do, to be full of self-pity, yet you keep a lid on your feelings. As you so rightly say, it is tough, but that's no reason to spread the pain.
    Thinking of you also.

  3. It's not self pity, it is sadness, and there is a rightful place for it. Feelings are not always best lidded! Hope you feel a bit better today.

  4. Thanks for your tolerance. Just at present I am bored and lonely and have a bad bought of excema as well so joy is a bit hard to come by, but once 'normal' life resumes I will be my usual cynical/sunny self.