Saturday, 2 February 2019


Last week I had a phone call on my landline.  It was an automated call and the voice was American and female.

It told me that as from 2nd February my internet was  being cut off.

The call then cut off.

I did what I usually do about such calls and completely ignored it.

A couple of days ago a message was flashed up on my lap-top screen telling me my Google Account was to be closed down. this also disappeared before completion.

Last night I was told (lap-top again) that as from tomorrow (now today) my Google account would no longer be valid.  No more information was offered.

This time I switched off the computer unplugging it completely and went to bed.

Today having switched everything back on the only thing which appears to have happened is that my gmail account is not operating.  (It is, however, working on my Ipad).

If this blog is published I will assume the whole thing is yet another mindless prank.

If anyone knows more about this please enlighten me.


  1. There have been some emails from Google that GooglePLUS accounts will cease to operate. I do not have one so I ignore this. If your gmail works on iPad then it is OK. You were right to ignore the messages, but if things keep popping up on your laptop it sounds as if it need at least a virus scan and/or a 'dose' of Malwarebytes: I know from previous exchanges that you do not feel proficient in doing this. If I were you, I would download a different broswer and see if I can log into my mail. If I lived nearer I'd pop round! If you have a good password on yoru mail there ought not to be too much to worry about at this stage. Keep us posted.

  2. I have had similar problems . I’m not sure Ray if all the advice we are getting is going to work....but we will both keep going whilst we can.

  3. Everything seems to be working at present Jean so am keeping fingers crossed.