Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Time for Change

A new year is traditionally the chance to make a clean sweep of all the things you don't like about your life, change for the better what you can, and find ways of dealing with those you cannot change.

Such a lofty and noble plan, so what is stopping us?

Sometimes outside forces, sometimes our tendency to cling to old habits or as in my case, simple inertia.

It has been linked by some people to depression, and there is some truth in that, but also the basic nature of the individual plays a big part in just how much energy we are prepared to spend on trying to rethink our way of life.

Laziness has always been a big part of my nature, and at one time was merely mental inertia but these days includes a disinclination to make myself do anything I don't really want to do.

This I justify by saying "I am too old" or "I am not as fit as I was", when in truth what I should say is "I can't be bothered, it would take too much effort".

Spending as I do, all of the Christmas and New Year break on my own gives me much more time than usual to dream up reasons for not doing things, while the usually bad weather (though not this year) is the perfect excuse for not moving a muscle except when absolutely necessary.

I make a big list of all the jobs which I should do in this long break from routine and start by crossing off each one as I complete it, feeling smug and self-satisfied with each tick.

Then instead of lurking in the shadows, in comes inertia sidling round the door, whispering "Leave that one till tomorrow", or "Wait a day or two to do that you may feel more energetic".

Inevitably when I return to my routine Monmday morning in St Mary's (7th Jan this year) I will get caught up in the usual energy draining activities and think, "You idiot why didn't you do so and so while you had that long break, now you'll have to find time to fit it in in a busy week".

Somehow however, it does get done during the 'normal' week and takes very little effort while affording huge satisfaction that it is at last done.

When the rain in mid January is lashing down and the garden is fast becoming a lake, I think "Just look at all that old bird-seed you meant to sweep up while it was dry, now it is turning to porridge".

So this year I am going to lock the door on prevarication and "Gird up my Lions" and jujst get on with it.  Or at least that is my intention.

A very happy healthy New year to all.  Keep moving.


  1. Happy New Year Ray. I make lists too, then add to it after I have done something that should have been on the list before hand, then put a line through it. I am only fooling myself. I shall try to keep moving, though I am suffering from the same thing you are. I seem to have one gear, and it is neutral.

    1. Ha caught you out doing one of the things I have done for years, The adding things to listsa and crossing them out I mean.
      I honestly thought I was the only person who did that.
      Perhaps our gears need some WD40. Mine are also in neutral.
      We'll have to see if we can manage some positive thinking this year.

  2. Happy New Year. I make lists too and one of the items on my list is to start blogging again about my faith. Admire you for keeping going.

  3. Thanks Jane, do keep turning out the occasional post please. I always read them with pleasure.
    I do try to write at least once a month but sometimes there really seems to be nothing going on in my life so unless i turn to fiction I just have to wait for an idea to land.

  4. Thank you for your encouragement. I always admire you for the way you manage to blog about the simplicity in life. I enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Simplicity is surely what most lives are all about. I know we all experience highs and lows, good days and bad, exciting times and dull routine ones, but most lives I think, are fairly ordinary and the difficulty about blogging is to try to make the mundane seem less so.
    So basic is what i do.
    Simples!! As the meerkats would say.

  6. I love ordinary and basic, simple is definitely the life I yearn for xxxxx

  7. From your lips to God's ears Jane.

  8. I do it too Ray.... procrastination is for me a life choice...well I’ll get round to it one day!

  9. I'm glad I'm in such exalted company,even if it doesn't help my problem. Welcome aboard Jean!