Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Grace is my middle name

Anyone who has read my blog for more than 2 or 3 years will be aware that I am more than averagely clumsy, accident prone, an injury magnet.

This morning, house tightly shuttered against last night's howling gales I looked out, saw that it was dry (then) and opened the back door.

Big mistake,  It flew out of my hand, crashed back against the tumble-dryer wall outlet and there was an ominous crash.

I looked at said piece of plastic - or what remains of it from previous crashes - and could see nothing.  Not really reassured, the noise had been considerable, I poked around the back door-step and found a large triangular object on the ground.

To cut it short, it was a lump of my cat-flap old and yellowed but still in place ten years after the demise of our last cat.  I now have a dilemma on my hands.

Since it is set into the door do I try to find someone who can locate and replace it with a similar one, though I have no plans to take on another cat, or do I have to replace the door (double glazing as well)?

As it stands the door is now vulnerable to access by any large strong animal or even, I suppose a small skinny burglar. To say nothing of possible weather damage.

Enough for  one day I thought, went to get my shower, stubbed my foot (yet again) and now have a nice navy-blue toe.

It hurts, is swollen and is about the tenth time I have performed this particular trick.

Is a suit of armour the answer, or should I  carry on regardless but take our personal injury insurance.

Answers and advice welcome.


  1. Dear Ray!
    I decided to take a careful little stroll around my friends here on Blogger and as usual, you brightened up my rainy and gloomy day. I am so sorry that you have such bad luck with vicious and sneeky household items. Since I find one or two in our house, maybe we've used the same manufacturer?
    I am relieved though, you could have blown out of the house like poor Ruth did when he had a bad storm some years ago.
    For my own part , I am still on hiatus but I wrote about it last week. I wont be very active, need my strenght else where, but random visits will occur. I hope, besides the catflop and your blue toe, that you are in good health. I saw an entry on choirsinging and applause. I shall have a look. Bless you, Ray Grace...

  2. Hallo Solveig, it's good to hear from you. I have not yet read your recent posts, but I will.
    I do so hope that whatever your problems are they are not unbearable.
    As for being blown out of the house, I think it would be easier for the house to be blown away than me.
    We have had some seriously nasty weather but that is not too unusual here.
    I pray you will find the strength you need.

  3. Dear Ray, you left me giggling--so sorry because that sounds as if I don't appreciate the pain of a stubbed toe. I do, but you tell the story with such a tongue-in-cheek verse that I had to laugh.

    As to the cat door, I suspect you could position it back in place and then use two pieces of wood to tack across it. I do think it needs to cover the opening.

    Mom used to say that I was as "clumsy as a bull in a china shop." That was true when I was young and it's still true now that I'm old. I try to keep my mind where my body is when I move around the house and in being present to myself I avoid a lot of the damage I used to do to my body!!!!! Peace.

    1. Dear Dee

      I am so happy to provide you with some light entertainment with the details of my latest woes.
      Amazingly, the smashed tumbler drier outlet has already been removed and replaced by a much better one by the very kind husband of my cleaner.
      He has also arranged for someone to come to measure the door panel with a view to replacing it.
      This will happen next week.
      How good is that?
      Sometimes it is worth a bit of misery to find out how good people are.
      I am a very lucky lady😍

    2. Yes. It is so true that in all that appears bad, we can always find some good--it may takes days or weeks or even years, but good will emerge! And to discover just how good people are is such a great good! Peace.