Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Our very varied and quite extreme weather this last few weeks has produced some significant changes in local gardens - not all good, and has encouraged visits from some rather unusual avian visitors.

Yesterday morning I saw a large shadow pass the window and rushed to see what it was,

It is at least 3 or 4 years since I took the picture on the left of a heron on a nearby roof.

This time he was much closer but although I took a photo I am still unable to download from my camera onto my lap-top so could not use it here.

I have had a hedgehog in full daylight and a pair of young Jays in the past month or so.

The heavy rain has turned normally smallish shrubs into almost trees, and has beaten all the roses into the ground.

The growth has been phenomenal but the damage to blooms has reduced everything to sodden brownish masses.

We have had thunder and lightning, hail storms and very strong winds, humid and airless days but not much sunshine.

A build-up of power or a power surge caused my main sitting room light to blow a few days ago.
For most people this is a non-event, for me it is a major problem.

Not happy on ladders or anything more than a foot off the ground I had to try to work out a strategy to change the bulb without breaking my neck.

Anyone watching my antics would have sent for the men in white coats as I tried first of all to climb onto the top of my two-step ladder, then, taking first one then a second dining chair built myself a little pulpit using the chair backs as hand holds.

After about 3 attempts I removed the old bulb and attempted to replace it with a new one.
To cut a long and tedius story short it took me about twenty minutes in all to succeed.  Such a small trivial thing yet i felt as though I had scaled the North face of the Eiger,

Whenever I can i try to do things myself rather than ask for help but oh my goodness age is creeping daily closer.

I can hardly bear the excitement!


  1. I find there are just so many things that are harder to do than they were just a few years ago. Things now go to the 'I'll never get that done' list. Even the little things like taking the garbage to the roadside become a huge chore, and I need to rest afterwards. All chores are now left to me and sometimes they can be overwhelming. One day at a time is my motto. Sometimes it becomes one hour at a time.

    1. As long as we keep doing as much as we can we should stay one step ahead (I hope)

  2. How lovely to "hear" your blogging voice, Ray. Sorry it has been so long since I looked by but you know by now how tied up in problems I have been. Long ago, I discovered someone I thought was too old for it, was hanging curtains. She fell off the chair and broke her wrist! She was only 52, 20 yrs or more younger than me. So I think you are doing very well and you are being sensible and safe with your building works. Keep doing as much as you can. God Bless

  3. Thanks Freda. Although it is important I think, to recognise our limitations, I also think we should not assume we are unable to do something before at least one attempt.
    Keep on keeping on, as they say.

  4. I share your problems here Ray but you are much braver than me. The bulb in my office has now I am using lamps....nothing would get me up a ladder! I will lie in wait for some kind bloke to cross my threshold...the replacement bulbs are waiting!

  5. What I failed to put in my blog was that if my next-door-neighbour had not been out of the country when my bulb went, he would have been my first port of call.
    Believe me I am anything but brave, it was either 'do it myself' or wait a fortnight.

  6. I have to admit that things are getting harder the older you get, but it still depends on who you are. Our oldest blogger in Sweden is 105, the 90 year ladies that walks around with their backs bent over by artritis, clear out the weeds must faster than I and without grunting!! The thing is that you share it with us, Ray, with that dry sense of humour that makes me feel so blessed having you as a friend , if I dare calling you that!!! If I lived in England, I would for sure drop by for a chat, I've said that before!!

  7. Thanks for that Solveig.
    My so called sense of humour is stretched to breaking point at times, but so far it seems to come to my rescue just in time.
    As for the age thing it varies from day to day. The good thing about being retired is that no-one is 'breathing down my neck' so that if a task seems to much on a particular day, then I just leave till a better one.

  8. That is wise enough, leave it for another time, life really is a random collection of moments, only the Lord see the whole picture. He must have full time sortering up all the bits and peaces or Odds and Ends...

  9. pieces, its suppose to be pieces....

  10. Never mind Solveig, I like your sort of peaces better.