Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Yet another violent act of hatred leaves our world shocked and shaken.

What possesses one human being to unleash such a vicious cruel attack on other human beings, mostly young, going quietly about their everyday lives?

Even though we can hardly be unaware of the frequency of such murderous acts, yet still we hope that normal life is still there to be lived.

It is impossible for most of us to plumb the depraved depths of these assassins, yet still we strive to understand why.

Poor children.

Poor Manchester.

Poor world.


  1. Indeed! Enough suffering in this world without human beings deliberately inflicting more upon each other.

  2. Perhaps there is no way of understanding it but one thing is crystal clear though: there is no doubt to why Christ was crucified. Mankind may be created in the image of God but since the fall we could never improve ourselves enough to make the world whole again. Evil deeds will keep happening, some will be my doing some will be someone elses. The faith and love that God inspires in us, makes us aware of the horror and suffering and so we start acting and praying . The only thing to be understood when people dehumanize both their victims and themselves are that God still has an enemy. Jesus told us to love and pray for our enemies, that is not the easiest thing.
    But oh, how badly we need to pray for the people in pain.
    Hatred is close at hand, better not be part of it. God help.
    Blessings to you, Ray and to you Suem, you are an inspiration to me!!

    1. Even with the ongoing aftermath of last Monday's events, there is the absolute certainty that there is more to come.
      Offering love and prayer is our only hope for change unless we also resort to violence.
      God knows there is enough of that already in our poor ruined world.
      Blessings to you also Solveig.

  3. Sadly the world is going through a time of great turbulence and in the end surely there has to be change, hopefully for the better. Sorry I missed your quiet commentary as events unfolded. I am sure it would have helped me at the time.