Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Not Being Well Enough to Blog About Not Being Well

 I'll bet you're thinking "thank goodness she's going to spare us the details of her latest disaster", Not a chance.

After almost a week in bed sweating, coughing and only getting up to make drinks and other essentials I feel someone somewhere should be made aware of my suffering.

Never one to suffer in silence I feel it is only fair to spread my misery as far as possible (though, not my virus, even I am not that bad).

As I became more and more poorly I informed all those who had to know and took to my bed.

Usually two  days in bed is sufficient to see off the worst part of a cold or flu attack, this beast however is something else.

On Sunday night the pain in my upper back was so severe that I broke my golden rule, gave in and took two Paracetamol Extra tablets and within ten minutes the pain was gone and I was asleep.

Waking 3 hours later I was saturated from neck to ankle, nightie, bedlinen and all and so hot I was glad to get out of bed and walk around.  Looking out of the window I found I had double vision, very strange to see my neighbours' houses with two frames around their doors and windows.

As I had been giddy for a day or two I wasn't really sure how much was the virus and how much due to the tablets.

I may have said before that I never take tablets or medication for anything unless I am forced to do so, with the result that when I do give in (about once in two  years) and take what other people routinely take for every headache, I have quite spectacular results.

Late this evening as my aching back was still causing a problem I took another two, they worked on the backache but unfortunately didn't send me to sleep, so here i am, soaked again with sweat but pain free and joyfully sharing my woes with anyone silly enough to read them.


Sleep well,

Back soon.


  1. Poor you!I totally sympathize as I have been poorly since New Year -- I tell people I have caught a cold from Her Majesty! The result of the cold was sinusitis, which meant the doctor prescribed anti-biotics and I finished with them yesterday. But though the infection subsided the stuffy nose and inability to sleep did not and I finally realized that in addition to the cold I was suffering from allergies and am now up again having just taken a claritin in the hopes that it will help me to breathe and hence to sleep...

    1. I sincerely hope you will be (or at least feel) much better very soon Broad.
      It seems to get harder and harder to throw off bugs of every kind as we age.
      What we need is a "Mechanical failure maintenance
      hospital" exclusively for us old crocks, OOps sorry old folks.

  2. Oh dear, dear!!! I feel sorry for both of you, getting your colds from Her Majesty, the odd plummer or just by standing in the way, it's a tough start when it's dark and cold and all the Christmas niceties are gone. For my own part I keep drinking my mixture of ginger, fresh lemon and honey and , knock on wood (ouch) it is wearing off slowly, the sniffles and croaking. Ray, please continue sharing your miserable days with us, I fear you do it in such an entertaining way that we almost forget to feel sorry for you, and that was the general idea, right?? Get well soon, I'll send up a prayer for that!! Gone with the bugs!! Old crocks????

    1. Sorry Solveig I don't know the origin of "Old crocks". Another weird British saying for your collection.
      It basically means those of us who have got (almost) to the end of the road and are showing the strain.

    2. My collection is growing, I added "flummoxed" recently!
      I thought the "crocks" was something like that. We use "old crows" for the same purpose. But it has nothing to do with age, really, when you feel better you'll be like a dainty robin again!!

    3. Flummoxed is unusual but though an old word is still used today. It simply means confused.
      Sadly, I have never at any tie in my life been described as 'dainty' (except sarcastically by my father when I knocked something over or fallen over something no-one else had problems with).
      Sorry about the grammar.

  3. Gosh, Ray, it sounds like you've been very rough indeed. some very nasty viruses do seem to be doing the rounds at the moment. I had mine over Christmas so hopefully won't get any more. Take care and I hope you are on the mend.

    1. This is my third this season and I have only once in my very long life had a worse one.
      My neighbours (thank God for them) are rallying round so I have had some help with an emergency shop and the offer of more.
      The consensus seems to be that this could be pneumonia. I pray it is not, but it certainly is a nasty one.
      Thanks for the good wishes.

  4. Goodness, Ray, I hope you are improving! Putting you on my prayer list!

    1. Yes thanks Penny. Eight days into this bug I am at last beginning to come back up out of the swamp
      Still coughing, still sweating but at least only intermittently.
      My Parish Administrator friend did a large shop for me last night so no need to brave the freezing weather. Thank God for good friends.

  5. Should you not ring your GP surgery to arrange a telephone consultation as this sounds much worse than a cold, bug or virus? The information about your illness should then be recorded on your notes.

    Meanwhile I do hope you will be feeling much better very soon.

    1. Thanks for the concern Pixie, and you are quite right, that would have been my next step, but I know my body well and felt the beginning of the changes for the better 24 hours ago.
      It has been a very nasty bug but is on its way. (at last).
      I do feel quite a lot better already thankyou.

  6. Gosh Ray I've only just caught up with this....and I am so sorry to hear how poorly you've been. Being ill on your own is even more miserable than it might be....
    You sound as though you're on the mend now but I pray that this continues... keep warm!

  7. Thanks Jean. The virus or whatever is no longer in charge (thank God) and recovery is well on the way.
    While I have had a lot of help and offers of more from my church and neighbour friends, I have fought this beast almost entirely without medication so am feeling fairly pleased with myself.
    Am not yet out of the woods entirely but very nearly.
    It is below zero outside and has been all week so am not venturing out at all.