Saturday, 3 December 2016

The beginning of the annual big sing

I think the moggy on the left is meant to be laughing, but I suspect he is trying to sing with a sore throat.

On Friday I returned to choir practice after my 'bad cold' break thinking all would be well (vocally that is)

About half way through the rehearsal a bout of coughing put an end to my efforts and I simply listened to the alto part for the remainder of the time.

Sometimes people think I'm being a bit precious about avoiding those with coughs and colds, particularly during Lent and Advent.  But, anyone who knows just how much extra singing there is at these two periods in the church calendar will understand what I mean.

From tomorrow we have two services every Sunday and a huge number of extra ones right up until Christmas Day, (the last one).

Much as I love both of these seasons the music is often strange to us, usually a lot more difficult than usual and with far less rehearsal time.

The service tomorrow evening is the Mayor's Carol Service and will have a huge attendance of local dignitaries as well as our own congregation, so we will need to be at our very best,

As the Advent season goes on so the amount of music grows until Christmas Day sees a pale-faced baggy-eyed choir, hopefully still singing like angels.

Or did I dream that?


  1. I am sorry you've been in. I am with you about avoiding a cold near to Christmas, I steer well clear of sneezing students and illness can spread rapidly in schools and colleges. I don't sing very well- it's jus that I don't like being ill in the holidays!

  2. Since I spend most of my waking hours either in church, or on a bus on the way to church, it is almost impossible to avoid cold bugs. The choir is usually blessed by two or three virus spreaders and apart from climbing into the bell-tower to escape there is no avoiding them.
    Hopefully we will all have had our share of the current nasty by the time we get to the really hefty Christmas music. If not, we will try to croak in tune.

  3. You know Ray, croaking worship is better than none!! We are rehearsing for Christmasservices, but the choir is not singing until the 18th and then the 25th. We have several choirs and many of them are children and teenagers so we had a musical this saturday called "Donkey Express to Betlehem" and for two weeks now we have Lucia in every corner. I'll post some of our music and I will listen to your examples above. Singing doesn't have to be beautiful, sincere is what matters, but our choirleader don't always agree....

  4. Please do post some of your music Solveig, I would love to hear what people from a different tradition sing.
    Our choir mistress asks for perfection every time. (Needless to say she very seldom gets it)

  5. I do hope you're all managing to at least cough in tune, Ray. I'm always amazed at the amount of work your choir does in the run-up to the great festivals. I wish I could hear you.

  6. This morning's service saw only one adult soprano plus 3 trebles, three altos 1 tenor and 2 basses.
    This evening we have Nine lessons and Carols so there had better be at least double those numbers or we are in trouble.

  7. There is nothing worse than being able to sing in the choir when you have practiced week after week. Hope you keep well for all these services. Blessings from Dalamory

  8. Have now accomplished "Nine Lessons and Carols", only Midnight Mass and Christmas Morning to go now. I think Nine Lessons went pretty well, the atmosphere after was very happy. So far so good.