Sunday, 27 November 2016

Mixed Feelings at Advent

This year Advent brings as much sadness as joy for me, and I suspect for many others.

World events and National events, political, financial and Acts of Nature have all played their part in turning the world on its head.

Added to this two of our small church family have suffered the loss of a spouse, and in one case the death of a lodger in really tragic circumstances.

This morning I read a blog from a regular visitor to my site who had not blogged for a few weeks, to discover that her husband had died suddenly two months ago.

She is a quiet reticent  blogger who writes (unlike me) when she has something worth saying, and is clearly in very deep distress.  It is at these times when I would like to be able to simply turn up on a real instead of a cyber doorstep and offer at the very least a hug and a shoulder.

On this occasion I can't even light a candle and offer prayers at St. M's for her since I am out of action due to a beast of a cold.

Obviously I have and will continue to pray for her (and those others I mentioned) at home but feel the need to go somewhere where the very stones are  steeped in the prayers of centuries.

Yet, under all the weight of sadness I can't help feeling the stirring of  (possibly quite unjustified) hope.

May the peace of Advent enter into the darkest of places this and every year.


  1. Ray, I think this year I am just going to focus as much as I can on hope during Advent. I don't know what else to do, so I will do that with you.

  2. I agree so much with you. Advent is always an important season for me -- so filled with hope and new beginnings. One of the most prominent members of our church had his memorial service today. He was very well loved and the vicar pointed out that there was meaning in his being celebrated at this time. I hope your colleague finds hope and meaning in this season of preparation and good will.

    1. My inner cynic (always present) is whispering in my ear, "the triumph of hope over experience",
      nevertheless without hope we are nothing.
      We will obviously do our best to help her to cope with her shock and sadness.
      The love and comfort of friends is hugely beneficial as I know from my own experience.

  3. I noticed this too , such an awful shock!! I can't even begin to understand how she feels and wish I could do something, but we can pray for her and her family, Ray, you are very right there.
    And I do agree about Advent, everything that has happend since last Advent does cast a deep shadow over the faint lights, but we do have a light that can't be dimmed in any way. Thank God for this light, otherwise we would not have any hope at all, but now we do!! Blessings to you, Ray!

  4. I too have been trying to focus on hope in this very dark end of the year, Ray, and it isn't easy. I do hope you've recovered from your cold by now.

  5. Pretty much thanks Perpetua. Though with the inevitable residue of sinus problems.
    Goes with the territory I'm afraid.