Monday, 12 September 2016

Church Church and more Church

Apologies for my absence from the blog scene.

There doesn't seem to have been time to breath in the past couple of weeks, but life is returning to its usual (I nearly said normal) pace again.

Apart from spending Sunday Monday Tuesday and Wednesday from 9.15 am to 12.00 noon in St M's. there is also choir practice on Friday evenings, and this last weekend a 50th birthday combined with Barn dance in the church.

Then the next morning the usual Sunday morning service, and in the afternoon the installation of the new Archdeacon.

This has involved learning quite a lot of music in a very short space of time, tiring but lovely.

All the events went very well and though I probably shouldn't say it, the singing was really very good indeed.

There were a lot of compliments from a number of people (the great and good of the County) and our own congregation too.

This really makes it all worthwhile.

There has been quite a lot of social activity in the close too and this Sunday evening we are going out for a meal and then to the cinema to see the latest Bridget Jones film.

This will kill two birds with one stone for me, as I love the Bridget Jones films and have not set foot in the cinema since about 1982.

It seems the older I get the busier I get.

Well that suits me very well.  It is great to have things to look forward to again.

Amazingly the weather appears to be co-operating in a most unusual way (touch wood).

I know it is beginning to get dark earlier now but that is inevitable I suppose and won't slow me down anyway.

Every day I give thanks for my new life and friends in St' Mary's, I'm so very glad I took that first step 7 years ago.


  1. So glad to find your post.....I missed you!

  2. Good to read a post from you. We will be returning to England the 8th of October, which also means returning to my church after a long hiatus. It will be good to get back again after so long away.

    1. Hi Broad. Nice to know you are still around, I wasn't aware you were not at home.
      Tell us more.

  3. Dear Ray, I am glad to find a new post from you and seeing that your absence had very good causes indeed!! What a life you lead;
    choirpractise, barndance, archdeacon and Bridget Jones!! We will soon celebrate sundaymass with the neighbouring congregations, about 100 in the choir together with strings and such. Luckily we do sing both Bach (Jesu bleibet..) and Mozart ( Halleluia) because for some reason we also sing some pointless noncomitting mishmash from one of swedish churchmusics pets right now.
    Our voices will cover for the bad lyrics!! I have sung in church since 1980, it really is very healthy and reviving. Blessings!!!

  4. Hello again Fairtrader. You're right about singing being good for the health and spirit (though of course what you sing makes a difference).
    At the Archdeacon's installation we sang "A Clare Benediction" by Rutter, a lovely hymn called "Christ be our light" written by Bernadette Farrell in 1957 and some other really lovely pieces whose names I've forgotten. For once our musical director was really pleased with us so it made it even more worthwhile.
    We don't aspire to orchestras but have a very good organist.
    How did you enjoy the Florence Foster Jenkins film?

  5. A really love Rutter, but some of his works are not the easiest to sing. The one you mention here is new to me, I'll check it up! It is really nice to see the expression of joy in the choirleaders face, glad you did so well! He wouldn't have enjoyed working with mrs Foster Jenkins, but the film was most enjoyable indeed. You couldn't help but feel sorry for her and her delusions. She was sick and died after her last performance. Meryl Streep is an absolute delight , you won't get any nightmares from her performance I assure you. I take it you enjoyed Bridget Jones, my daughter wants to know...!!! As for me, I would have like to be at that installation...

  6. Right, I have listened now. Rutter was not so difficult, very nice little piece. Christ be our light I could only find with solovoices, more like WOW-songs, I imagine it would sound just wonderful in a choirsetting, the lyrics was as clear and vivid as Shout to the Lord, that I love to sing. I shall bring it up with our director, he is used to me tormenting him with suggestions....

  7. The choirmaster is in our case a choirmistress, and a voice coach and piano teacher, and a very good soprano too.
    She is very quick to pounce on any sounds she doesn't like and is very seldom totally satisfied, so this has two affects. We sing better and learn as we go.
    On the rare occasions she is really happy about our performance we know we must have been good.
    Oh, and the other piece we sang whose name I couldn't remember was Veni Sancte Spiritus.
    As for Bridget Jones, that will be this coming Sunday so I'll report back.

  8. Bridget Jones Baby was good, but I found the noise level in the cinema pretty hard to take.
    Since I was last in a cinema the decibel level has just about doubled, so I won't be repeating the experience.

  9. Oh dear, I wish I could invite you to our small cinema with velvet couches and rokoko tables in the lobby. But yes, the sound is set on stunn I'm afraid....Our daughter is getting herself ready for Bridget by watching the two previous films ( in one evening, and what of homework????) Thank you for this brave review!!

  10. Snap with the 50th birthday celebrations. We are off to a 50th Birthday and Ceilidh at a Glasgow Cathedral. A long way to go but it will do us good to make the effort. Misty is coming too!
    Enjoy your new music.
    Blessings from Dalamory

  11. Goodness you do have a hectic social life Freda. Long may it continue.
    PS Don't let Misty get too drunk:-)