Thursday, 22 September 2016

Bad Memory is one thing - this is just plain weird

I think my one remaining brain cell has put its light out.

This being a house-work day I did a large wash-load of tops and skirts this morning.

When washed I  split the load into two piles for drying and put the first lot in the dryer.

The second lot went into the dryer about three quarters of an hour later and I mentally noted I would need two ordinary  hangers and three skirt hangers, so got them ready.

Later as I carted them upstairs to hang them up I found I was one skirt short, so, thinking  I had dropped it on the way upstairs I retraced my steps...........No skirt!

I looked in the washing machine, then in the dryer, then examined every nook and cranny minutely, not a trace of it was there.

Over the next half hour I searched and puzzled and finally admitted defeat.

I have just reached into the airing cupboard for a towel and there on a hanger in the front of the row of clothes airing was the skirt.

I have absolutely no memory of putting it there and no idea how I could have done so without being conscious of doing so.

Over the years I have done some pretty strange things, some I've blogged about, the habit of leaving a slipper in one place and the other elsewhere etc., but this is truly absent-mindedness on a grand scale.

Please someone tell me I am not about to bid farewell to my last marble.


  1. Honestly Ray, this is absolutely no more strange than me putting icecream in the cupboard beside the teacups. You haven't lost your marble(s), you just suffer from the same lack of concentration as the rest of us do. The world effects us to such an extent that we actually disconnect some of our abilities in order to protect ourselves from overheating. The subconscious stress this worlds massive flow causes us, makes us absent minded at inconvenient times.
    Either that or we have to admit that our minds slow down with the passing years. Mine's weird, yes, I admit.

  2. Hmmm. Well, it's a nice theory, but this seems more like my mind stepping out into another room rather than just slowing down.
    Perhaps I should try to find an electrician to rewire my brain.

  3. Join the club Ray.....this affects us all when we get to our dotage....I get very annoyed with myself for forgetting things only to find that I have done them....I have forgotten the actual event! Old age is not for wimps as I think I've mentioned before....though I'm not sure.....

  4. Do you think it's that we get more crazy as we age, or do we just become more aware of the fact that we always were.?
    The jury's still out as far as I'm concerned Jean.

  5. Don't worry - we all do that sort of thing!

  6. Really? I suppose I should take comfort from hearing that other unfortunates are as odd as I am.