Friday, 12 August 2016

Fully qualified Technophobe

Hello world.  I am still here.

For the past two days I have been unable to access my blog, emails or Google.

Having fiddled with all the weird and wonderful
icons on my screen and having been told I was online when clearly i was not, it has suddenly relented and allowed me access.

For someone like me with no computer skills whatever, no-one to turn to to ask for help and very little idea of what I am doing at the best of times, it seems like a small miracle when something I had almost given up on, miraculously starts to co-operate again.

When the good Lord gave out brains I was out of the room.

Yesterday was the seventh anniversary of John's death and having had a miserable lonely trudge to the cemetary with flowers and something to clean up the blue granite headstone, I was feeling in need of  a good energetic blog session, only to find my machine once more refusing to co-operate.

It has been a very sombre time recently with the loss of a member of our drop-in community and other sad events, and the mood in the church has been at a different level from the normal reasonably cheerful one.

I try  not to let these sort of happenings affect my own mood but combined with the fact that my closest friend/neighbour has moved out of the area it has not been easy this time.

There is no choir at St. M's in the month of August so there has not even been that distraction to look forward to and I can feel The Grinch getting nearer.

Roll on Autumn and a change of mood.

Yes of course I know this is only a blip.  Normal (?) service will be resumed as soon as possible.


  1. Enjoy your summer while you can - cold here with a very red morning sky telling us of rain or hail about to come.

    1. I don,t like being cold, but prefer it to the heat.
      Sorry for any typos my lap top has died again
      This is courtesy of the Ipad

  2. Chin up.....we are half way through Audust....
    Here we are all waiting for September too...I sympathise Ray...I recognise the same helpless feeling that I get too at times...sending love...xx

    1. Thanks Jean. My mood is a bit. Low at present😒

  3. The good Lord doesn't make mistakes like that, Ray!!
    You have got both brains and wits enough, only that the world of computers and internet and Cloudservices and connections and suchlike are not meant to be understood by some of us. I am sorry though that you are feeling a bit miserable and I therefore hope that september will arrive early this year, with choirpractise and warm, nice weather. Normal service may occur when you least expect it, until then ; may your road rise to meet you!!

  4. Thanks Fairtrader. Sometimes a little self-indulgent rant is all that is necessary, but good wishes from others help the process along.