Thursday, 14 July 2016


What is she playing at?

Is it a deliberate mistake?

Is it proof she has a sense of humour?

Boris as Foreign Secretary, now I've heard everything.!

Not pointing out the obvious, plenty of other better qualified people than me to do that, but, Boris????

What's next, an invitation to Nigel to join the party and head the Diplomatic Service?

We have had many surprises/shocks in recent weeks but I had hoped we'd finished.

Not a blog, not really a comment on the improbable, just a dazed disbelief as the new list of Cabinet Members is unrolled.

Beam me up Scotty (or has that already happened?


  1. I think she may repent Boris at leisure but I think she was demonstrating a personal determination to change things and to get rid of the Gove's in her party! I think Boris was a sign to Gove that he had not succeeded in his attempt at assassination .

    1. I wonder whether perhaps she may be giving him enough rope to hang himself , or is that too Machiavellian..?

  2. From my outsiders view I should guess there is a point in that, Jean. But was it wise?? Over here we are wondering about this woman, looking a bit like Maggie. Is she the right person to manoever UK through negotiations and bickering? She certainly gives that impression, ready for the task. I rather thought this was a time, unlike any other, to stick together and unite against evil, but perhaps that very feeling will dawn in our hearts before its too late ,and we'll set out together. With, I'd say Ray, our phasers on "stunn". There is already enough bloodshed, both in politics and war. I hope you will come through with sanity intact and good spirit! The lady is in place, the Cabinet in making, start praying and hoping, I suppose!!! I hope your surprised concern can be transformed into equally surprised contentment, Ray.

    1. who knows Fairtrader, one can only speculate . A month or so should give us some idea.

  3. I am still in a daze. I keep hoping things are going to get better. But the whole political scene is a muddle.