Thursday, 12 May 2016

Time to take it easy

What a lovely idea.

The prospect of taking life at a slower pace is a very appealing one, but not the same in practice as in prospect.

For the past (almost) seven years I have been trying to fill my every  waking minute with activities.

The alternative seemed to be  to sit and examine my navel or stare at the walls and try to discover the meaning of life.  So, I sought activity, busyness, occupation to the extent that I now find myself longing for a day off.

This is a "normal" week.  Sunday  leave the house at 9.00 am for St Mary's,  Back home usually about 12.00 noon.  Monday Tuesday and Wednesday leave the house at 9.00 back about 1.30pm
Thursday shop or do household chores , Friday am same as Thursday but choir practice from 7 to 8.30 ish (out of the house at 6.30 back at 9.00pm
Saturday unless there are activities at St Mary's or in the Close household chores, paper-work etc.

But, wonder of wonders I now have a cleaner who does 2 hours every Monday, and from the 26th May I will have a gardener for a couple of hours,

The huge relief I feel at finally getting some help is perhaps a reflection of the build-up of stress I have been experiencing as my house became gradually grubbier and my garden turned into a weedy jungle.

Despite my bravado and apparent "I don't care what it looks like" attitude, I have been feeling slowly more and more aware that having someone in for coffee or a chat was beginning to feel embarrassing
as the general scruffiness of my surroundings grew daily worse.

Hopefully in a few weeks I will once again feel happy to have unexpected visitors and who knows may even be proud of the garden again.

First steps taken.


  1. Every great journey begins with one single step, Ray!!!
    May you continue in the same, peaceful manner, making room for some breathing and gardenparties!!! Life deserves a slower pace..even if the Lord rushed through creation in six days, since then he's slowed down!

  2. Yes, good thinking. After all I could hardly have a better example. Not sure about the garden parties though.

  3. Well done Ray...I have both a cleaner and a gardener and would be lost without them...

  4. I must say it is a huge weight off my shoulders to lose some of the chores which require more energy than I have.
    The gardener said he was itching to get his hands on the weeds, so who am I to discourage him:-)

  5. Well done Ray! We too have a cleaner and I see why we could call her a 'TREASURE'.

  6. I think and hope mine will prove to be one too. It is a bit too soon to be sure but I think I've struck gold.

    1. That sounds really great, Ray! You definitely want a garden helper. How's that working out?

  7. He hasn't started yet Penny. Next Thursday is the big day. I should have a better idea after that. Fingers crossed.

  8. Good for you - I hope it is all working out.

  9. If the first foray into the garden is any sort of indication, he is going to be worth his weight in gold.