Thursday, 21 April 2016

A Head Like A Sieve.

I have never been good with money matters, do not understand how most investment systems work, and am deeply afraid of losing the little money I have.

It has therefore been quite a struggle since John's death to keep an eye on what is in the bank and what it is doing.

My one attempt to save over a set period and leave at the end of the set time with the original sum intact, plus, hopefully some interest, has now matured and I spent an hour and a half with a lovely helpful girl in my bank yesterday trying to look into the future.

We have finally sorted everything out to my satisfaction and with one further appointment made for a few weeks time, I left the bank feeling reasonably happy.

Since it was one of my St. Mary's mornings I made my way there after the meeting.  Under my arm was the black leather folder with all the papers detailing what we had discussed.

After my morning stint I headed for Marks and Spencer to do some grocery shopping then down to the bus stop to get my bus home.

A few hours later I realised that I no longer had my folder.

Panic !!!

This morning I phoned the Church, Marks and Spencer and the bank to try to recover my papers.

No joy.

Thinking I may have left them on the bus I tried unsuccessfully to find a lost property number for the bus service I use.  There is no number.

As I had to shop in town again this morning I talked to the bus driver who kindly rang round a few of his colleagues.  Again no success.

My folder appears to have vanished and I am desperately trying to remember exactly what information is contained in the papers.  I think (hope) there is no card or pin number and the bank seems to think it will not be possible for anyone to try to use them fraudulently.

Here's hoping.

I fear I am a bear of very little brain and what brain there is appears to be scrambled..


  1. Oh dear -- and it was all going so well! Congratulations on getting a handle on your finances. I am sure you will be able to replace all the papers and I am sure that since you have notified the bank as to what happened you are safe.

    1. I do hope you're right Broad. Until a couple of weeks have passed I won't really feel safe.

  2. So am I, the bank must handle this loss and be on guard . How unfortunate however, when you actually have taken such good steps forward! I for one, will keep my fingers crossed and hope for he safe return of papers AND contents! And I can assure you you are not alone with that bearfeeling....

  3. Thanks for the good wishes Fairtrader, I must say I really do feel stupid. It was so careless of me, and if no harm comes of it I will be very lucky.

    1. Ray providing you told your bank it really should all be safe! Mine were wonderful after one of my more stupid moves....if anything dodgy turns up they email me or send a text to my phone....don't beat yourself up about it...some small child is probably drawing pictures on the pages!

  4. That is no great consolation Jean. The document case/folder was a good one and contained a photo of me in the first year of marriage which John used to carry in his wallet. The financial disaster may have been averted (I hope), but I really begrudge losing the case.

  5. So sorry to hear of your troubles; it would upset me dreadfully too. Sit tight and keep a close eye on your accounts for a few weeks and hopefully your bank will help too. Every Blessing

  6. I really have no alternative Freda. I've done everything I can to get it back and it's just a question of praying there are no repercussions.